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Blog template bugs fixed

Just a quick heads-up to say that I fixed two bugs with this template which have, well, been bugging me:

No orange RSS icon
Whenever I go to blogs, it really pisses me off if they don’t have a clear feed subscription link (like most people I look out for the orange RSS icon). There are many blogs that still don’t have a specific link to their feed – just a reference to it in the meta tag in the header so that it comes up in your browser (assuming yours has this functionality!).

Having grumbled about other people doing it, it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t have a specific RSS link either – other than at the bottom of the page where no one can see it! Doh!

So I’ve added one. That’s it.

The blog search hasn’t worked for a very well for a long-time – well, ever since day 0 I think. I realised that blog search didn’t work properly whilst trying to use it from a blog archive page (ie a non-root page other than index.htm. This is the only time when it seemed to work). However, a minor fix and it’s working great from any page!

I’m also going to start working on a new blog template as this one is getting a bit stale now. I’m probably going to go down the custom approach rather than take an existing one and modify it. But we’ll see…

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  1. Eh, I just have a Feeds page for all my feeds, I don’t like the Feeds icon being all over my page either, its not the most user friendly thing in my opinion

  2. Ben Ben

    Did you know you can make an RSS button in CSS?

    Sure. But is an RSS link icon style or content? I think it’s content, (it’s navigation) – which is why I include it as an img tag.

    If it was style, then I’d put it in a stylesheet. But I want the icon to come up even if/when the stylesheet isn’t loaded.

    But an interesting debate none the less.

  3. When i decided to delte the blog, i was lest with a ghost image ofthe tic tac template on my start page.
    I read somewhere that reinstalling the blog might get rid of the ghost, but no luck.

    Any suggestions? The blog is still there.
    tom ellis

  4. Ben Ben

    Tom, sounds like you’re using B2Evolution.

    I’ve not used that for over a year – these template updates were to WordPress.

    The link you gave to your homepage in the blog comment doesn’t work. Why don’t you post the url of your site here and we’ll take a look

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