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ResFest London 2005 – what a great day

Wow, just got back from an unbelievable day at the last day of the London ResFest 2005 event.

I arrived at the National Film Theatre around 2pm, and met up with Dave Green, DJ Spooky and José Luis de Vicente (one of the organisers). Dave, Spooky and myself were due to take part in a panel session at the event, discussing remixing – however we soon got down to some nitty-gritty debate there and then in the bar!

Later we were joined my Marc Canter (Our Media) and Suw Charman (and even later still, Rufus Pollock).

The session went well, bar the odd technical hiccup with getting everyone’s different laptops to work with the NFT’s projector. It was a little odd for me because I was addressing a mainly “art/film” crowd, although it sounded like many of them had hidden geekness about them. Most of the people in the audience considered themselves to be involved in remix culture one way or the other, and most knew what Creative Commons was.

After the session we waited around for the ResFest wrap party: DJ Yoda vs Eclectic Method VJ battle. It was totally off the hook, and I mean O F F T H E H O O K. These guys ripped it up completely.

I’ve taken some video of the set, and will be uploading it somewhere very soon (watch this space). In the meantime, check out my Flickr set.

There were some really cool people attending the event too, from Ben Cerveny (a regular at these London events now that he’s based in Amsterdam) through to Johnathan Moore from DJ/VJ duo Coldcut. There were also some very interesting people from both the Res magazine and also the BFI.

Marc Canter, Ben Metcalfe, Jonathan Moore (Coldcut) and DJ Spooky

Sadly the after party in the private lounge upstairs never took off, the show organisers seemed keen to pack everything away (they are on tour around the country) and it just felt we were in the way. So I called it quits at a lowly 11:30pm!

But it was really great to meet DJ Spooky, Suw (finally), Marc (again), Ben (as ever) and Dave (perhaps not so great, just kidding). And a big thank you to José Luis de Vicente for inviting me!

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