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That’s what my mind is like at the moment!

I’m trying to prepare for my panel session tomorrow at the RESFEST but I just can’t think straight. I haven’t been able to prepare today as originally planned due to other last-minute commitments, and it’s only at 10pm this evening (Saturday) I found time to get going on it.

I’m caught between wanting to talk about my project ( and Creative Archive. I obviously know more about backstage but I’m minded RESFEST is a film festival (a la Creative Archive).

Setting the tone is important too. I’m used to speaking at uber-geek conferences, but as the organiser warned me “standard powerpoint presentations should better be avoided”. Eeek!

I’m also trying to work out some of the issues that might be raised where I might personally agree with what another panellist is saying but the “official BBC view” might be different. Oh, welcome to the world of public speaking on behalf of an organisation who is dynamic and forward-thinking in online/remix space yet has to remain 100% squeaky clean.

But perhaps scariest of all, Sofia my GF will be in the audience – the first time she’s ever come to hear me speak in public. It sounds silly, but it’s another pit in my stomach to deal with! (Sofia if you read this, I do still want you to come!).

Ahh, well. If you’re in the audience tomorrow, please go easy on me!

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