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Comunisism Spam

On the eve of my holiday, someone decided it would be funny to subscribe my work email address to a “Communism Community” mailing list.

Annoyingly the “community” didn’t bother to check whether the signup was a genuine request (I could include some witty comment about whether communism is ever opt-in to begin with, but I’m trying to mind my Ps and Qs on that front as that kind of talk doesn’t go down well here).

I think I know who it was, and they’ll be getting a taste of their own medicine – watch this space.

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  1. Oh, bad luck! Don’t seek revenge too hard! 🙂

  2. Wow. I didn’t know there were any communists left.

  3. Zeb Zeb

    It’s a Phish, looking for active email addresses, bin and ignore.

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