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Crazy hotel rooms

I’m really into Scandinavian design – check out my uber-cool new coffee maker for example (UPDATE: I bought mine when I was in Sweden, but it looks like these people have it in the UK for a good price).

Our home has a bit of a Scandinavian design feel to it too, despite the fact Sofia (who I guess is an attractive bit of Scandinavian design herself!) feels I’m a too much of a “Style Nazi”.

But nothing could prepare me for the jaw-dropping room design at Copenhagen’s Hotel Fox (which looks like it is owned, bizarrely, by Volkswagen).

Their hotel rooms are simply stunning (check out x-large, large, medium and small rooms).

My favourites run from the sublime…

room #306 room #312

… to the ridiculous

room #308 room #121

It looks like I’ll be staying in their in the near future, I just hope I don’t end up with either of the last two… I’m not sure I could fall sleep in either of those!

Do check out the full set however – these rooms beat my previous favourite boutique hotel, which was the W in San Diego (although the W’s ‘beach bar’ amongst the sky-scrapers on the roof garden of their downtown building is perhaps still my favourite hotel bar ever).

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  1. Sure the hotel looks cool, but the coffee maker looks amazing! Where do you get that in the UK?!

  2. Ben Ben seem to have the best price for it – £34.95. Well, they beat’s £45.83.

    I’ve not used any of these companies so it’s not a recommendation – you should probably use the regular price comparison sites and Google for a better look.

  3. ah yes Hotel Fox, originally part of a marketing stunt by VW to launch their VW Fox, they setup Project Fox.

    looks like its still going strong though

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