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Cool: Naked Nano

I’m not a big fan of the iPod, for reasons I’ve discussed before and won’t bore you with now. But I have to say the Nano is perhaps the most interesting addition to the iPod family.

Apple iPod Nano in white and black versions

So, I was very interested to be sent this link to some “naked nano” shots… In otherwords someone has stumped up the cash to by a Nano and then photographed it being taken apart (in Japanese).

iPod Nano circuit board

Arrhhh, that mentality takes me back to my days as a young boy – when I would take anything I could apart in order to find out how it worked (radios, 35mm cameras, remote controls, you name it).

Yes, the hacker force was strong in me even at an early age.

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  1. That looks pretty good, I might get one for crimbo, and with it being small it
    would be easy to covertly listen to my music in school.

  2. Does anyone else worry that the Nano 4 feels too light and is so thin that it will easily break ?

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