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BBC AV News RSS feeds tidied up

Now that I’m no longer working on the day-to-day template work for the BBC News Website, it’s easy to miss subtle template changes which affect some of the screen-scraped BBC AV RSS feeds I produce.

Some parts of them were broken but I’m pleased to say they are now fixed.

I’ve held off incorporating Media RSS because I don’t have all the information available to fill in the required attributes, plus I’m hoping there might be an official set of feeds coming soon. We’ll have to wait and see…

Here’s a reminder of what’s on offer:

Broadband, Windows Media: (UK IP’s only)

Broadband, Real Media: (UK IP’s only)

Narrowband, Windows Media:

Narrowband, Real Media:

HTML Version – all media/bandwidth combos
Use this if you want to play BBC News clips in your preferred player (rather than in the embedded console)

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  1. Tom Tom

    Many thanks, Ben. Super! Just what I was looking for.

    Any chance of also publishing links to the BBC Sports streams?

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