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Paxman get’s stuck in with Respect’s George Galloway

The BBC’s Jeremy Paxman interviewed George Galloway shortly after the announcement of his election as MP for Bethnal Green and Bow. Check it out:

(NB: Broadband streams will only work in the UK)

Well worth checking out, shows you Galloway in his true colours I feel.

(I promise, btw, this blog will resume “normal service”, ie no political stuff, very soon!)

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  1. alfoiz alfoiz

    erm, what? Who’s post? Who is pointing out their “youth”? What are you insinuating? Mirkle – your post seems somewhat…erm apathetic?
    I am sure Ben is pleased with the result – no one has the right basket of policies for him, at least this one will give him something to write and talk about (hence the video feed).
    Does that interview show George Galloway in a bad light? Oh come off it! Paxman over-reacted and became the party being interviewed. Paxman is great but on this occasion he clearly showed that he personally does not like Galloway – not very profession is it? By the choice of question and giving David Lammy a free reign, he appears to have a silly notion that its somehow wrong for a white candidate to unseat a black candidate even though the overwhelming support for Galloway has come from members of the ethnic minorities!
    (I wander how many African-Amercian women would favour Condi Rice over Hilary Clinton for instance).

  2. alfoiz alfoiz

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for that Paxman/galloway interview feed – its wicked! I stayed up all night on election night and missed that! As much as I want to forget politics (honest I really do) I don’t think we can – we have elected a firebrand – whatever our politics he will keep us engaged in politics. But yes – I am going back to my nerdy stuff – at the moment wireless sip/voip cheap/free phonecalls, UV resin curing, photo-impact printing, php/mysql e-commerce solutions, bench-top robots…

  3. mirkle mirkle

    Your ‘youth’ has been amply displayed in your last few posts – that’s one thing you didnt need to point out. I hope you are pleased with your new member of Parliament, becuase the one thing you can’t claim is that you dont deserve him. Not voting is just as much a contribution to the winning candidate’s success as directly voting for him/her.

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