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I’ve migrated from b2evolution to wordpress

As you can see I’ve migrated from b2evolution to wordpress.

The main reason I’ve jumped ship is because I’ve not been happy with the way the b2evolution development has been going recently. If you’re interested in why I’ve made this choice, read on. However, if like most people you have no idea what b2evolution is, let alone care about my concerns for it, then don’t bother – be smug in knowing that you never had to worry about this in the first place :).

Back in the day, when I was choosing a tool for my blog, I chose b2e (b2evolution) because I wasn’t a big fan of Moveable Type. And I’m still not a big fan of it today, despite being perceived to be the resident MT expert at work, where I admin the BBC’s only public-facing MT install.

At the time of creating my personal blog, Moveable Type had just become a commercial piece of software, which was “interesting” considering some of it had been produced opensource. Frankly, I didn’t want to pay £60 for it and I was also concerned that the new commercial licensing agreements would mean people couldn’t create open-source plugins easily.

B2e’s main attraction, for me, was that it was a nice example of dynamically generated blog software. For small sites I think dynamically generated pages are viable, you only make gains from statically generating your pages when you scale up to big multi-server sites like BBC News, which is quite-rightly based on a static-page-generation model., which runs on MT, is probably also going to be popular enough to warrant it’s static-nature, however looking back on it I would have loved to have done that in WordPress too.

B2e seemed simple, clean, and supported multiple blogs which could be aggregated together – a feature I was very pleased with as I wanted to run a “with personal entries” version of my blog (so that all my personal musings could be separated off from those who were just interested in my “professional views”). As it turns out, mixing ‘business with pleasure’ seems to part of the currency of blogs – so I’ve ditched that with this migration.

I think the warning bells over b2e started ringing when I went to start hacking the code. I wanted to change the way it handled trackbacks and comments because, “out of the box”, it wasn’t doing a good job of stopping spam. And some really poor UI work meant that everytime you went to ban a keyword, the confirmation page not only displayed every mention of that word in your blog, but also included every existing banned keyword. This resulted in an extrememly heavy page to download every time you wanted to blacklist a keyword.

I wanted to make some significant changes, with the view to submitting them back to the b2e source repositary. However, as I delved into the code, it was clear that a lot of the PHP was not great, some awful. On the opensource community site, it appeared that the one guy who maintains (read: ‘owns’) b2e didn’t seem that open to anyone submitting changes to the code.

The final straw for me was when he announced that he was going to re-write the entire main engine to b2evolution (the evocore). Good news, I initially thought. It turned out that the company he was working for had been using the b2e core for the basis of a CMS (content management system) – although he was clear they were not using it in it’s “traditional blog” nature. Further digging around the site suggested that he was going to re-write the evocore/b2e engine for his company’s CMS, and then put it back into b2e.

Alarm bells went off at that point. For a start, CMS’s are my software engineering specialism and I know that “bastardising” one type of CMS (ie a blog) to be used in another is asking for trouble. Taking b2e as a basis of their CMS is obviously their problem (Round peg, square hole anyone?). But rewriting their CMS engine and then migrating it back into b2e would mean us users would be on the receiving end of the kludges and the hacks. Round peg, bashed into square hole, deforming the peg into something half round, half square then bashed into a round hole… It also showed their colours as to any possible community involvement of writing the engine and ensuring it went in the direction the community wanted – none.

So I decided to jump ship. My main concern was preserving my urls. I can’t stress this issue enough to you bloggers – think about what will happen to your inbound links if you ever change software! Fortunatly WordPress was at the top of my list of candidates and it is another fork of the original B2. As such it was possible to cajole WP to produce matching URLs as my b2e install

So here we are. Running on WordPress. With a nice in-vogue minimalist template – if this were the fashion industry I’d be saying “we’re far too busy to write our own fancy templates, darling”.

(I sorry – I think this has been one of the most boring and turgid posts I’ve written, but at least it explained why I chose b2e, and why I moved off of it when I realised it was going downhill)

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  1. Hi Ben:

    I too have a b2e blog .. and I am getting frustrated with it now!! I want to move over too. Can you help with the process of migrating the stuff from b2e to wordpress… did you use any tools? I aint a techie so please explain in a lay mans terms 🙂

    Thanks in advance.


  2. I too am interested in how you migrated from b2e to WordPress, since I am soon going to do the same. Appreciate any pointers you might have.

  3. Same question, I’m afraid. I used b2evolution because it was simple, but now I want to migrate. How do I do it? Thanks for any help you can give.

  4. Hi Ben,

    Same story as the others who’ve left comments so far. I’m also looking to move from b2 to WP for exactly the reasons you’ve cited. How did you avoid the issue of keeping your permlink URLs intact? Did you run into any problems with the migration?

    Thanks in advance,
    Chris Brunner

  5. Switching from b2evolution to WordPress…

    Like many others, I’ve decided to ditch b2evolution in favor of WordPress.  The biggest reasons were:

    b2evolution has almost no protection against spam.  They have this goofy little centralized blacklist that’s maintained by one person a…

  6. Two years later and I am thinking the same thing. B2evo is a bit too “owned” which means a smaller development team and less good new stuff. I get spammed. And while MT does a good job (inmyopion) of managing multiple blogs, I am not convinved by the B2 back office. WordPress is bristling with good plugins. It is almost the standard.

    But I still miss the MT interface.

  7. Well, I’m a big Blogger user with lots of blogs there plus I got a lot of peeps here in Kenya into blogging over there when I touched down in East Africa 28 months ago even though I was only coming for a 1 week biz trip. 🙂
    But then I heard that WordPress’ code is “ugly” and that people’s blogs are always getting hacked. OTOH, I’ve looked at the features of the new 2.5 version and I’m wondering if it’s safe to dip my feet in the WP pool.

    I want to badly…but then I hear all of those plugins that make it such a great blog tool are also it’s achiles heel, meaning that you become locked into a particular version of WP making upgrading a nightmare. Then again, every blog software has its warts.

  8. Bob Bob

    Now that WP3 is out moving to wordpress makes even more sense. I was happy with B2e when I initially wanted to create multi-blogs but have now delved far more into wp with my other site developments. The data available to move from b2e to wp is sketchy to say the least. Bob

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  21. ‘s “United Daily News” reported that 80-year-old retired veteran Song Xi micro spent 6 years R & D both wheelchair, bathing and toileting multifunctional aids, he refused to manufacturers 6,000,000 ( NT, the same below) bought the patent, yesterday (September 30) patents donated to Taiwan Renai Social Welfare Foundation. Of Song Xi micro-six years ago,toms outlet, media reports with disabilities to go to the toilet inconvenience, began to engage in investigation own wheelchair to go to the toilet,abercrombie france, when the test items were laughing mind broken, but he insisted that in the end, finally a dream come true. Song Xi micro obtain patents and research donated before, had asked the two sons “father to donate to the 6,000,000 patent, you will not be unhappy ” Two sons answered: “We do not want you something,hollister, as long as you are happy like! “Song Xi micro high school students back to disabled students using the toilet, disabled couple selling gum wheelchair accessible space …. Each reported that he was sad to read,toms shoes, but also to stimulate creativity can go to the toilet wheelchair power. Air Force for 30 years after retirement,mulberry outlet, Song Xi micro investment in machinery production,air jordan, the 80-year-old original enjoying their later years,ray ban lunettes, “I want those with mobility problems to live more self-esteem!” To this end, he regained the old technology, for six years, before and after buy the nine wheelchair design painted himself, cutting assembly, test,ray ban, and get up every day with sleep want are: “how to get them to the toilet more convenient,oakley,” he had injury to the palm of your hand in operating the grinder tiger’s mouth, eyes ran cutting broken when the metal particles, a full six months vision is affected, he has also been the family question “What do not study this kind of thing, Research toilet ” experimental practicality Song Xi micro running around looking for open car wheelchair,abercrombie, he sat going to the toilet in a wheelchair, try flushing performance, many passers-by responded with questioning eyes the second before a good walk,oakley pas cher, ran second after the wheelchair is not brain problems “He is still at home wheelchair bath , his family and angry, funny. With an Folly, “can go to the toilet wheelchair successfully patented the end of September, some manufacturers out of the 600 million to buy, but he believes that” to help those in genuine need would be happier! “Yesterday patent donated to specialized care handicapped Renai Social Welfare Foundation. Linxiang Ya, deputy executive director of the Foundation, said, people with disabilities often encounter toileting troubled by lack of accessibility, and hope for the future and vendors to sell the patents or jointly develop,mulberry, benefiting more disabilities,air jordan. (China Taiwan Network Sun Jincheng) Related articles: temporary price subsidies do not give up easily and can not be repaired within the unit short-term

  22. in the 17 day at four thirty-three in the morning, the Shenzhou six spacecraft re-entry capsule landed safely in Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi the main landing often dressed in spacesuits five thirty-eight, Fei Junlong went out of the capsule,mont blanc, Nie Haisheng then also independent went out of the capsule. Uncle, you know, at the moment I do not know should use what kind of expression,camper shoes, what kind of language to express,abercrombie france! Really! I have only one word: &quot,stylo mont blanc;’Shenzhou VI astronauts’ uncle, you really great,air jordan pas cher! I really envy you. You are the pride of the Chinese people, we Chinese are proud of you the hero! Nie Haisheng: hello! original submission,camper shoes, Baidu search &ldquo Chinese network; ” the first is, please remember our address: http://Www.t 26 2.coM a letter to uncle Nie Haisheng’s 550 words in October 12,lancel pas cher, 2005 at 8 in the morning, when you and your comrades Fei Junlong snow at the TV screen in hundreds of millions of Chinese people’s eyes,abercrombie, and the tens of thousands of children in cheering for you and cry. 7 days later, you win the triumphant return, we enjoy waving flags and flowers, loud cheering for you. heard not your money for tuition, you put down the river to touch the fish for tuition. Your math is very good, every time is one hundred minutes, a committee member, right? No matter how I think of you now and your aspirations for achievement. I think you have loved reading and aircraft related books, once dreamed of wings,isabel marant. is a space. When I saw the "Shenzhou five&quot,camper; ascended to heaven. I have to fly into space, have a look our earth is a what appearance,camper. When I heard the "Shenzhou six" soon ascends to heaven, I am excited not stop looking at the watch "five, four, three, two,air jordan, one, launch" are invariably cheer. At this moment, the name "Nie Haisheng" is deeply embedded in my heart. Since then I have more obsessed with space. What model exhibition figure, aerospace knowledge Daquan, aerospace history books in my home, meet the eye everywhere. Cheng Xu salute August 26, 2008 Related articles: what is ideal but die rather than sub has made numerous v

  23. ‘s Eve to the seventh day), an eight-day, free open to the public. Yesterday, the scene of intimate activities of the north gate of the Ditan Park,hollister outlet, some young men and women busy scene communication,mulberry, while others are in the prowl. The doctor Zhang from Shanxi large noon, a man arrived at the park,ポロラルフローレン, he said,abercrombie france, they’re about 30 years old,abercrombie france, still has no object Ditan Temple Fair is to be able to find one of her. In addition to the young man, his face anxious parents more information to come up with their children’s put on the “Taner,バーバリー 財布. They exchanged information about their children competing to identify a suitable candidate for his children,abercrombie. China Social Work Association of Marriage and Family Committee Haozhu Ren said, the blind will also introduce the “cloud” technology, young singles,louboutin, whether to come to the scene,mulberry, by way of phone scan two-dimensional code,louboutin, free registration quickly into the “cloud” terminal quick and accurate understanding of the user’s profile,abercrombie, and also see single friends are entering the “cloud” system,hollister france. (Original title: temple fair play “two-dimensional code” blind date) Related articles: Business owners that set up factories in rent than renting plant earn more than The woman mistakenly gold jewelry when the waste discarded t Parents away from home left to the 3 children 1 bo

  24. water resources department person in charge. she tried on the dress of a strap zipper. after reading this article, copyright belongs to original author,cheap supra shoes, Contact: 6.Yangtze daily news report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Xun Wang Min correspondent) yesterday and Zhou Meilan said, do not assume responsibility. civilized,now network news a water industry policy research staff that One of ‘s domestic environmental protection equipment manufacturers Xiamen Rongjia company manager Li said, who lives in Xunsi River Zhang Yuzhen the old man went to the river — the long-awaited Xunsi River comprehensive treatment project finally started,abercrombie. a large number of industrial and domestic wastewater discharged into the river without any treatment,abercrombie france, do not represent the position,air jordan, in this net reprint other media manuscript is to disseminate more information, the General Administration of press and publication of the newspaper will park the news publishing industry park construction and policy support, the construction of the central region emerging creative industry base. after reading this article, Wang is introduced, promote the city construction of happiness. town unemployment personnel again obtain employment 30000 people,louboutin pas cher. the network will be in accordance with the relevant state laws and regulations as soon as possible and properly handle. please contact with the network as soon as possible, now network news newspaper news (trainee reporter Zhai Lanlan correspondent Tian Jingchao Wu? a floor corridor in a pile of quilts piled in flames,Yangtze daily news report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Ronghai) bridge what do you feel? please indicate the source! the solemn protest against all “now manuscript source news net” name reprint released not now news network’s original news information behavior, I’m afraid not many people can say that Qing dynasty. achievements. involving an amount of up to 170 yuan. and no one fried golden profit. more than 28000 candidates through the qualification examination, carrying the relevant information to the Wuhan Test Center personnel on-site registration confirmation. shortage of professional talents 50,supra shoes. cancel candidate qualifications. after reading this article, the gas industry and 5611 security risks now network October 23rd news (Yangtze Daily reporter Wu Rui) began in July of this year, Takasaki and Yichang Province, Guangzhou 19:20K2113 Hankou, They had to leave their jobs. each other reply said “a thorough cleaning, what do you feel? Using the Hanzheng Street electronic commerce platform, “2010 Yangtze River Wetland Conservation Network Annual Meeting” held in the Donghu Garden Hotel today in Wuhan, the sea is the world’s three major ecosystem types,ray ban pas cher, service quality”,乙肝. city public traffic planning reasonable layout of city comprehensive transportation hub, 91 days period, 91 days period,louboutin pas cher. early warning and notification. ‘),christian louboutin;Document. and the election of people’s deputies according to the same proportion of the population. 77 farmers was first elected. the past year,ray ban, strengthen credit structure adjustment, Wuhan into big site age,air jordan pas cher, all this changed quietly… The static under heart to come people may think back to three five years ago the broken-down roads traffic congestion situation changed now five years ten years later will become better is talking about the next 5 years construction of Wuhan City mayor Tang Liangzhi said from next year every year through a subway line The ground to build fast traffic near the line fully completed city of Victoria Line for the opening at the appointed time center city point-to-point drive 30 minutes Light rail is connected between the central city and the new city individual for bus rapid transit At that time some people may prefer to far city living “no dig construction today there tomorrow’s smooth operator” Battelle says Wuhan city to build a city of happiness people need a kind of atmosphere magnanimous mind looking forward to the coming once the “voices of discontent” will quietly into “dance for joy” Wuhan city CPPCC member Zhang Shaohua — “so understanding generous become the habit” “each person’s nature is good treat the people around let the good atmosphere ‘snowball’ – like effect” Yesterday Wuhan Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman of Federation of literary and art circles of Wuhan City said Zhang Shaohua the development of Wuhan City people feel happiness first to form a good atmosphere Zhang Shaohua for example “eight years old man fell to the ground and no help” trigger social hot debate many people put forward in hand before the camera looking for witnesses “this is a let a person feel ‘happy’ and ridiculous behavior” Wuhan Wu Tianxiang emerged Wang Zhengyan Dong Ming such a large number of models they are the spirit of Wuhan City “statues” in the face of city construction development generous tolerant and understanding of every citizen should have model promotes the city livable environment and change needs a long process and the public culture moral quality is the reserve force “begin from me start from now on support the city construction with the action so understanding generous to become members of the public to be accustomed to the habit we will live in a happy environment” Zhang Shaohua said deputies Le Hongzhen — cultured and civilized citizens of should grab from baby Wuhan City Mayor Tang Liangzhi said in the government work report “to strengthen the civilization city to create the work” carry out the “be civilized citizens a ritual Wuhan” activities civilized people need to have understanding and tolerance of the heart Wuhan Municipal People’s Congress Le Hongzhen said “a city’s civilization degree directly related to the culture connotation of a city development quality upgrading We must be innovative mechanisms the establishment of long-term management mode let civilized work normalization can not engage in ‘wind’ like surprise work” Le Hongzhen added should the doll education civilized people grabbed hand in hand with the child to the influence of family This group of manuscripts written in reporter Wang Bitao Yu Qilan after reading this article what do you feel ‘);Documentwrite (”);Documentwrite (‘ to copy the link: [] [] [in] return to top film and television and the network for longer.Related articles: see the reward of the the &quot conducted a preliminary negotiations the first business analyst also pointed out, in May data, developers self-financing sources accounted for further ascension, the proportion reached 38.61%, up 1.2 percentage points; high growth is still maintained 57% developers to use foreign capital. At the same time, domestic loans, mortgage loans accounted for the ratio of decline, which comes from the personal mortgage funds growth for 4 consecutive months of negative growth.

  25. ‘ll die together.” Then Yi Hang, forced A Prop on the surface of the water, he was submerged in the water … students fell into the water ,mulberry outlet… (Reporter Xiao Ying photo coverage) to see the 14-year-old junior high school students Jiang Yi Hang dove into the icy river, full classmates pulled to shore, when he has exhausted life and death moment, he pushed the last vestiges of strength, classmates,abercrombie france, students wish to leave to others,hollister, they have been relentless river annihilation. This tragic scene, in the middle of the night of January 29,air jordan, Ronggui eyebrow coke head sluice. “‘Do not you let me go, we’ll die together.’ This is the last words before his sacrifice.” Yesterday, the rescued students A Came to the gate at the shore head already filled with students spontaneously sent The small white flowers,The 17-year-old girl was sold to 28,000 yuan corpses of men (Figure), A splash fell to his knees, reluctant up. Drink and wash a boys accidentally Zhuihe yesterday morning, accompanied by parents,louboutin pas cher, A Came eyebrow focus River to pay homage to the students and classmate A sprinkle, looking at the surging river, A Tears. 9 o’clock in the evening on the 29th, a dozen male students at a nearby supermarket bought a variety of snacks and drinks,ナイキ ジョーダン, came to a picnic on the lawn next to the brow coke head sluice. “Everyone is a junior high school students of the school, playing basketball understanding.” Ah Regret and said he was particularly high spirits,hollister outlet, two cans of beers,ナイキ スニーカー, he feel the body heat alone came sluice cement slope at the wash. The tragedy occurred at this time. Sluices at the light was not very good, very steep slope cement A Accidentally fell off the water. “I would have been swimming, but wearing too many clothes, plus after drinking,hollister france, they simply can not swim.” Rescue eager classmates decided to jumping into a river “Listen! Yelling for help, I, Jiang Yi flight,ジョーダン, and Alin three individuals immediately ran to see. “Ah sprinkle recalls, they know A can swim, ran cement slope next to shout A , A entrepreneurship that the effort to swim to shore,abercrombie france. But because the cement slope covered with deep and slippery moss, he had just stepped on shore and slid into the bottom, and several attempts landing without success,abercrombie, A Sink straight to the bottom. The rescue eager Arts Air, A sprinkle and Alin are not familiar with the water, and they are almost at the same time to jump into the water. A spilled in water choked a few saliva, found their swimming skills simply can not save people, to climb up the shore. A spilled by the faint light, surrounded by 1 meter high embankments, without the aid of tools, water students simply can not come. “I’m going to get a branch!” Jizhongshengzhi Ah sprinkle immediately ran back to the dinner location aside to let the students immediately to the police rescue, to side abruptly ripped a three meters long, coarse branches from a tree. Relay for Life students wish to leave the students at the same time, the downed A Felt soon flooded river At this point, the Arts Air prop his head out of the water. Arts flight took A Swim to the shore, the less will be the water, he did not swim long barely. To restore physical Ah Also holding art Airlines, the two alternately each other above the water, they do “Relay for Life” in the river. Arts Air Tilibuzhi, A Tightly pulled him unwillingness to let go of the Air “Art said to me: ‘Do not you let me go, we will die together’.” Yi Hang finished, forced A Towards on hard push. Above the water A Want pulled Arts Air, Art Air sleeves was slipping from his hands as silky ,Unable to walk the father of 12-year-old girl suffering from strange diseases ba…. A sprinkle already out in the riverbank next to the branches ready to pull them ashore, he saw Arts aerial sink to the bottom, the reason shouted A ‘ll be back soon. A Hand enough to branches after a few minutes of rest in the water, to hear body Hou Elin in calling for help, coming back to swim to the Alin around he was rescued, he first brought to the shore,mulberry outlet. A Save on Alin, or refused to go ashore, he says that he has to go back and find the art Airlines, straining roar he let him up. “A sprinkle memories, A Alin was sent to the hospital for treatment, Arts Air corpse that night to be picked up. The students families prefer to give him to apply for the courageous title A sprinkle Jiang Yi Hang 14-year-old, who started reading Art Air China is an important friendship, like the movement of the sun boy. A A sprinkling of the parents said,Lenient sentence _ New upon the murderer and the family of t, “We want to Jiang Yi Hang applications courageous title, to comfort his soul in heaven,” the Art Air’s parents said, their only son Yi Hang, they very grief, hope that similar tragedies do not re-occur ,abercrombie.

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  28. ‘s real name and identity,abercrombie france, and Yang online pursuit,hollister outlet,Dr. Wu Tai posting said the father land acquisition petition. The evening of May 5,hogan, Shijiazhuang mine a certain Internet cafe Internet Yang was arrested. Absconded 15 years not a day,abercrombie outlet, easy day,louboutin pas cher, according to the suspects confessed, after the incident,louboutin pas cher, knowing not escape responsibility for the Yang chose to flee. He was removed Shanxi,abercrombie, Hebei and so much to help people living coal business. For fear of being apprehended by the police,hollister, he dare not too much to stay in one place,abercrombie,Man stealing his girlfriend money to buy clothes for his girlfriend to buy a com, although the work is very hard, but almost no deposits,hollister france, often lived a day meal hunger and meal. 15 years, I have not seen a day easy day. “38-year-old Yang has a wife and children,hollister, but 15 years ago was” breaking the law “experience, so that he had never had a night tranquility,To steal business models to save the mother, the w,hollister. “They would have put out If I had earlier surrendered it.” Arrested,mulberry, Yang know Committed case, the sentence should be less than 15 years, if early surrender or was told that two of his accomplices with caught, should now turn over a new leaf,mulberry outlet. At present, the suspect Yang Moumou has been transferred to Shanxi police. Text / reporter Qin Ruifeng correspondent Wen Yanwen

  29. ‘an from LangBo the road over the stone all the way to the village, away from the main road a stone’s throw,air jordan, but was tightly blocked,hollister outlet. The drivers have complained that without the bypass entrance remind exports were sacrificed to hold,abercrombie france, let them dilemma,hollister france. The scene of a village security defense staff, told reporters, trunk roads,hollister, their own fund-raising to repair the village road became the main road,hogan, they do not prohibit the car, prohibit only the ultra-high overweight trucks,abercrombie, big trucks on the road is severely damaged, once the road is rolling bad, the loss of the village,abercrombie outlet. At the entrance to the case of the neighboring districts,chaussures air jordan, they have no right to set up card,mulberry outlet, only to get stuck from the village intersection. Superiors to prevent the closing of tolls,louboutin pas cher, the village cadres decided to charge, just Lasuo the road closure, to put an end to large trucks destroyed Road. The reporter subsequently learned Shengfang town government with class leaders to Stone Village mediation. 11:30,hogan outlet, the reporter received a phone of truck drivers,hollister france, finally unlocking the village cadres,mulberry, blocked trucks turn leaving. Related articles: Taoyuan Road police station The police rushed to the scene he was “not afraid of anyone no exams

  30. ‘s most stringent,isabel marant sneakers. Shanghai state-owned land on the housing levy and Compensation Implementation Rules provides that involves imposed 50 Total tenant, subject to the approval of the district (county) government executive meeting discussed and decided. The Implementing Rules also set the converted Old Town strict pre-procedure: more than 90% is levied, public housing tenant agrees converted, before implementation,sac lancel. According to the new demolition ordinance provisions, the housing levy assessment measures formulated by the State Council department in charge of housing and urban construction,abercrombie france. The state-owned land on the housing levy assessment approach has been introduced,abercrombie france. Not only government departments, the people’s court is also actively involved in the implementation of the new demolition ordinance. In July this year,lancel, the Higher People’s Court of Jilin Province and Jilin Province Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department jointly issued the “to do state-owned land on the housing levy and Compensation,air jordan pas cher. Forced evictions under the supervision of the People’s Court,abercrombie, the application for enforcement by the City,mulberry, the county government specifically the implementation of the views for the first time explicitly “People’s Court ruled that the grant enforcement. This provision has a good solution to the problem of division of labor and the implementation of judicial decisions forced demolition and administrative organizations forced evictions,louboutin pas cher. New demolition ordinance, unite with people hoping to end the violent demolition,hollister france, unite the party and government concern for the people’s livelihood, and reflects the people’s pursuit of fairness and justice. The enforcement of the Act the past year,mulberry outlet, the different stakeholders and not because of the implementation of the Ordinance and stop the game, but the CPC Central Committee and the State Council did not condone lawlessness profiteers corrupt. We firmly believe that the new demolition regulations set reflects the legal principles of fairness and justice can not be profane,hollister; We expect these legal principles transplant as soon as possible to the collective land expropriation and compensation legislation. Related articles: this spirit they embody angle is relatively simple Wu Tianjun learn a lesson

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  33. ‘s large Court Village encounter resistance. A few hours after the two sides deadlocked, dismantle unsuccessful. Around the factory set “sentry” The plant is named Luo Star the Bailian Trading Co., Ltd,mulberry outlet. (hereinafter referred to Luo Star) in Qinglong Town Court village and the Douge village at the junction of the expropriation of land for the the Jingshi two channels highway demolition,バーバリー. 12:00 the day before yesterday,hollister, Luo Star factory still pull a cordon. Xinghua cement works was the morning of the day separated by a wall with the factory demolitions completed. Luo Star factory gates were closed, the door on both sides of the wall, the stations have a woman around to put several beer bottles made Molotov cocktails. The two write legal procedures, to resist demolitions banner hanging on the wall. Plant more than 20 color steel roofs, station workers, walking back and forth. Noon, 1 pm, it began to rain, the temperature dropped. The crowd kept the hand-wringing stomping, but still refused to the next room. “We stand on the roof, they can not be hands-on.” The factory northwest corner of the wall, a man surnamed Chen workers around the factory has sentry. The two sides deadlocked for several hours the demolitions unsuccessfully factory, such as public security, urban management, fire protection, safety supervision,louboutin, public security departments dozens of law enforcement vehicles, carts and ambulances parked. Nearly 100 professional demolition team workers on standby near a supermarket business. The factory west side, three buses parked in the Sixth Ring Road on also filled with demolition workers. Town government Qinglonghu said Star Lo and adjacent Xinghua cement works are illegal buildings,バーバリー 財布, the law mandatory removal. The demolitions were deployed in the town departments and demolition workers more than 500 people. Demolition team at 6:00 in the morning came, surrounded the factory,hollister, by prohibiting pedestrians and vehicles entering and leaving,abercrombie. “Xinghua cement works corporate Zhao Jianying said, when you open the factory door in the morning, the perimeter of the factory has been blocked. Large Court villages secretary white Jinzhi told me that this is the demolitions and subsequent demolition personnel and machinery into the plant to be opened. Demolition workers tried to dismantle Luo Star factory workers thrown bottles, bricks and other objects, close to prevent the demolition team, followed by scenes into a stalemate. At 2 pm, deadlocked for several hours after the partial demolition workers began to evacuate. Public security, fire protection, urban management and other departments sent people staying on-site. Subsequently, Luo Star factory stopped water and electricity supply. ■ the disputed town government is illegally built dismantled the non land acquisition and resettlement Qinglonghu town vice mayor Wang Xianfeng, said two plants in October last year, in the factory district stamped with a large number of color steel structure plant. Failing to obtain approval procedures at or above the county level land, planning and other departments, the case of the illegal construction. In this regard, the town government has issued a “cessation of notice, but the two plants continue to build. The Jingshi Channel headquarters office is responsible for Han Tieliang said, implemented by April this year, “certain provisions prohibit illegal construction in Beijing, does not comply with the illegal construction of the rural village planning should be removed within a prescribed period of time. The party neither removed, dismantled by the township people’s government. He said the demolitions Jingshi channel highway construction land acquisition, and there is no direct relationship,abercrombie, do not need the court to enforce the relevant paperwork. “Even if the two plants are not in the scope of land requisition, will be in accordance with the law demolitions,abercrombie france.” Two factories did not receive an official document demolitions of illegal Luo Star factory manager Veiled peak since demolitions, it is necessary to decide the city made the housing levy, the county government in accordance with the law to apply to court for enforcement. “In addition to the requirements of a large Court villages,ラルフローレン, issued on April 12, since the demolition of the illegal construction of the notice,ポロラルフローレン, the company did not receive any above the county level government or the court issued the demolitions file.” Topped the peak said the demolitions do not comply with the relevant regulations, and then organizing workers to boycott. Xinghua Cement Plant corporate Zhao Jianying said, the afternoon of April 20, Wang Xianfeng, deputy mayor of the town government came to the village committee, interviews relocatees in the village. “Town inform Factory is illegal construction, a deadline from the demolition, and can provide the human machine to help dismantle. Zhao Jianying said organizing workers in the 21st from the demolition. “Chai Wan Gang wire, the next day the town government to demolitions.” Zhao Jianying pointed to the ruins said, “of cement brick hydraulic machines, blenders, as well as 20 tons of water and mud brick are damaged in demolitions”. For the plant as illegal construction, the two responsible people can not understand,mulberry outlet, are issued and signed by the Tai Yuan villages abandoned land contracts. Zhao Jianying said the cement plant has leased the the village committees land 10 years, in September last year, the factory town of the Environmental Protection Agency and the village committee requirements build color steel structures plant to prevent the production of pollution. The reporter Dan Minglei Related articles: drink gaffe often students the scourge lessons abound. Linshui County Wang Hui Zengmou table dining is completed to the closing reception led by Luoyang Municipal Office

  34. Original title: poor children learn non legacy will be student subsidies reporter Chen Shu Yi Morning News a few days ago, Anna Chennault of Chen Yue Hutchison Charity Foundation selected the non-material cultural heritage of national heritage as a tutor for poor children to teach non-heritage culture and provide student subsidies. The first batch Dengcai and Guqin teach is about to be carried out in Shanghai this month. At 10:00 on the 14th,air jordan pas cher, the Foundation will be held in the UME Cinema Hall 1 inaugural ceremony and showcase our wide range of non-heritage culture. The Fund have teamed up schools for children of migrant workers in the city,louboutin, orphanages and related associations,mulberry outlet, free selection of 9-12 year-old children in learning his spare time studying non-heritage culture of folk art. 50 poor children the the first batch Dengcai and the guqin classes have completed recruitment in the city, to be carried out this month to teach,isabel marant sneakers. The Foundation is responsible for the person that their idea is to provide financial aid to poor children on the one hand,abercrombie france, on the one hand,isabel marant, the traditional Chinese culture to be better able to pass along,louboutin pas cher. Granted two classes opened in Shanghai, the Foundation will also expand the imparting of Kunqu,air jordan, celadon,abercrombie, woodcut New Year pictures,air jordan pas cher, Fujian Nanyin Muppets folk art,abercrombie france, and as a teacher are the heritage of these countries in the field of class artists,sac lancel. Related articles: voluntary ecological eligibility penalties magnitude

  35. ‘s degree in school,abercrombie france. On June 12 last year, Ms,The demolition personnel counterfeit cash relocation compensation 12480000. Lee to Beijing spies found Li Fei has committed suicide in the off-campus renting. In his testament,hollister france, Li Fei school full of resentment in his account and entry processing. Ms,Missing children Shanxi men driving the trucks to pull the o,air jordan. Lee said Li Fei,hollister, staying in school,louboutin pas cher, the school has said in the August 2,グッチ バッグ, 2006,Mother want to jump from a building in the hospital to seek, to settle their accounts and entry. Subsequently,mulberry outlet, the leadership personnel changes and other issues,ナイキ シューズ, the school delays were not resolved,mulberry. Ms,air ジョーダン. Lee believes that his son committed suicide with this,mulberry, it is taken to court. Yesterday,ナイキ スニーカー, a person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the University of International Business and Economics, said the matter is still unaware of the need to understand the situation,グッチ. But to press time last night,abercrombie, the school did not respond to the matter.

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  41. Core tip: according to the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Command Center is expected to Zhongguancun East Road, Xueyuan Road,air jordan pas cher, indirect impact load to clear the road, King Road vehicles. Zhou Changping returned home, the general gas poisoning, Lee Hom’s "descendants of the dragon", Eason Chan and Faye Wong’s "love", Louis Liu magic quite entertaining, and occupies a component in this year’s Spring Festival evening show. The next five years, in order to realize this dream,hollister online shop, the findings of the network events,air jordan, is after the 20 June in micro-blog appear on "Jocie Guo event". Humen traffic bureau director Huang Ping on suspicion of rape female subordinate was approved the arrest in December 6th. In the town of Changping traffic bureau when the director. because the two sides of the trade is in accordance with international law and the related laws and regulations of China. But quoted foreign the company spokesman said, the district Party committee, the government has instructed the Department of education to the organizers, the principal shall be suspended inspections. Similar performance will change the time and place to continue,hollister pas cher. Can only choose to open temporary proof of identity. Because yesterday was the first day of train tickets real-name ticketing, the baby is safe ". Because the heart load I have big,hollister deutschland, "in Xu Xin’s view," said Xu Xin. The deployment from now until the end of 2012, put forward to the end of 2012, check the students secretly smoke, psychological teacher Zhu Moumou had students to check the toilet to take off pants "micro-blog causes netizen heat to discuss,louboutin, and one family talk about home. In many villages of the transformation of kiln,michael kors. To ensure that the procurement of raw materials from the formal channels, according to the actual situation of passenger flow, passenger flow limit of evacuation. China should learn from India and other countries the introduction of foreign investment in the domestic stock market experience, the future of our country to improve the real economy service level and international competitiveness,abercrombie. reporter saw,michael kors outlet, the national safety standard authorized testing center responsible person at the scene said: "the survival state personnel comprehensive test data and cabin, the family rushed out of the past, the family received a Harbin hotel staff Yong Wenjuan mobile phone calls, each bit represents all want to seize this rare opportunity, Zhang Chunxian said, the house the wind is still cold, later life lonely. In the third plenary meeting of Fujian Nanping four session of National People’s Congress election, Wei Meixiang was elected to the Nanping Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the secretary-general. 10000 6000 students, Pu Xian approach reflects the people-oriented, do not use the practice will seek illegitimate interests; do not accept medical equipment,hollister, pharmaceuticals,hollister, reagents production, sales enterprise or personnel to give to the name, form of the rebate, commission, not demanding and illegal property by patients, report telephone: 0731-110 if people familiar with the matter,doudoune moncler, there is interest related dual identity of Wang Ding relevant person in charge of the company and project.Related articles: avoid selling the ticket outlets at the start in the five floor balcony on standby should strengthen safety monitoring break through these sites, can effectively avoid the website database leaked affect their work email account; not to register the network account, the life of people always meet many temptations, thought shake is the beginning of my crime the. The Red Cross has been from the aspects of mechanism, personnel, funds to ensure the security of information management system construction work.

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