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I’ve migrated from b2evolution to wordpress

As you can see I’ve migrated from b2evolution to wordpress.

The main reason I’ve jumped ship is because I’ve not been happy with the way the b2evolution development has been going recently. If you’re interested in why I’ve made this choice, read on. However, if like most people you have no idea what b2evolution is, let alone care about my concerns for it, then don’t bother – be smug in knowing that you never had to worry about this in the first place :).

Back in the day, when I was choosing a tool for my blog, I chose b2e (b2evolution) because I wasn’t a big fan of Moveable Type. And I’m still not a big fan of it today, despite being perceived to be the resident MT expert at work, where I admin the BBC’s only public-facing MT install.

At the time of creating my personal blog, Moveable Type had just become a commercial piece of software, which was “interesting” considering some of it had been produced opensource. Frankly, I didn’t want to pay £60 for it and I was also concerned that the new commercial licensing agreements would mean people couldn’t create open-source plugins easily.

B2e’s main attraction, for me, was that it was a nice example of dynamically generated blog software. For small sites I think dynamically generated pages are viable, you only make gains from statically generating your pages when you scale up to big multi-server sites like BBC News, which is quite-rightly based on a static-page-generation model., which runs on MT, is probably also going to be popular enough to warrant it’s static-nature, however looking back on it I would have loved to have done that in WordPress too.

B2e seemed simple, clean, and supported multiple blogs which could be aggregated together – a feature I was very pleased with as I wanted to run a “with personal entries” version of my blog (so that all my personal musings could be separated off from those who were just interested in my “professional views”). As it turns out, mixing ‘business with pleasure’ seems to part of the currency of blogs – so I’ve ditched that with this migration.

I think the warning bells over b2e started ringing when I went to start hacking the code. I wanted to change the way it handled trackbacks and comments because, “out of the box”, it wasn’t doing a good job of stopping spam. And some really poor UI work meant that everytime you went to ban a keyword, the confirmation page not only displayed every mention of that word in your blog, but also included every existing banned keyword. This resulted in an extrememly heavy page to download every time you wanted to blacklist a keyword.

I wanted to make some significant changes, with the view to submitting them back to the b2e source repositary. However, as I delved into the code, it was clear that a lot of the PHP was not great, some awful. On the opensource community site, it appeared that the one guy who maintains (read: ‘owns’) b2e didn’t seem that open to anyone submitting changes to the code.

The final straw for me was when he announced that he was going to re-write the entire main engine to b2evolution (the evocore). Good news, I initially thought. It turned out that the company he was working for had been using the b2e core for the basis of a CMS (content management system) – although he was clear they were not using it in it’s “traditional blog” nature. Further digging around the site suggested that he was going to re-write the evocore/b2e engine for his company’s CMS, and then put it back into b2e.

Alarm bells went off at that point. For a start, CMS’s are my software engineering specialism and I know that “bastardising” one type of CMS (ie a blog) to be used in another is asking for trouble. Taking b2e as a basis of their CMS is obviously their problem (Round peg, square hole anyone?). But rewriting their CMS engine and then migrating it back into b2e would mean us users would be on the receiving end of the kludges and the hacks. Round peg, bashed into square hole, deforming the peg into something half round, half square then bashed into a round hole… It also showed their colours as to any possible community involvement of writing the engine and ensuring it went in the direction the community wanted – none.

So I decided to jump ship. My main concern was preserving my urls. I can’t stress this issue enough to you bloggers – think about what will happen to your inbound links if you ever change software! Fortunatly WordPress was at the top of my list of candidates and it is another fork of the original B2. As such it was possible to cajole WP to produce matching URLs as my b2e install

So here we are. Running on WordPress. With a nice in-vogue minimalist template – if this were the fashion industry I’d be saying “we’re far too busy to write our own fancy templates, darling”.

(I sorry – I think this has been one of the most boring and turgid posts I’ve written, but at least it explained why I chose b2e, and why I moved off of it when I realised it was going downhill)

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Automobile consumption is very common in many foreign college students, many college students after graduation, if the home conditions better, will buy a car to drive, now college students was also car. Car consumption will gradually younger, we hope that this new way to motivate students. Changan cars, consumer groups and brand awareness also turned to the younger, donated cars the Changan brand to appeal to students, but also to expand the brand influence, increase in addition to outstanding students. Reporter: For really did not buy the willingness and ability of the students, whether it has been taken into account Donors: the specific operational level flexibility to, student households do not need to be transferred to the relatives, we will not restrict the very dead, if the student can not afford to open the car, so that he will not insist on open. Did not force students to buy a car with their own name. We can only hope that someone using the money to buy a car of Changan brand. Reporter: Why do not directly reward 40,000 yuan or a car directly to the students Donors: Not directly to the car is fully consider a variety of factors, worried that students might not afford not open, not on card. Not directly give money as compared to conventional scholarship 2000, a large gap between the two types of bonuses, too poor. Sound school donated cars for the enterprise wishes to donate than donate to assume the scholarship RAE North Polytechnic machinery and vehicles College official said conventional scholarship students must be excellent quality, firm political stance, no offense chaos discipline records; academic excellent, all subjects passed the assessment, comprehensive ranking of professional ranked the top 40%. In addition,abercrombie france, the scholarship will be a priority the Changan Automobile actively involved in scientific research, internships, or has decided recruits students of the enterprise. The winning of the year a total of 80 students in 2012,chaussures air jordan. And special scholarships in the range of 80, and the need to meet higher conditions,A rule, jewelry store theft of one million yuan of goods _ N, such as undergraduates this year, two semester conventional scholarship while technological innovation or outstanding student work; graduate students to be actively involved in research,mulberry outlet, academic achievement significantly or served as a graduate cadres and outstanding performance in the final 20 finalists,hollister france. The responsible person said, the top award program for Changan Automobile Company, the two sides negotiate the formation. The official said the students car is not what the “fuss” thing. But taking into account the many aspects of the car is not a necessity for students as well as Yaohao, the program will be the car’s range into the country, the student’s family to buy,hollister, not too restrictive relationship between relatives near and far, as long as can be with the students on. Settled after car Ueto is the personal property of the students, selling cars not restrict. A sweepstakes approach, the the College responsible person “more than 300 students apply for the scholarship, the number of various types of scholarships count very much.” One teacher said, “20 Grand Prize College to participate in the assessment work the shortlisted students each excellent singling out any one person to have access to a special scholarship eligibility, so we can only take the form of a lottery. “relevant person in charge of the Beijing Institute of Technology, told reporters, the school is responsible for the department of Student Financial Assistance Award Chang’an Automobile Company donated car program negotiations and contracting process involved in this way should still be in school for the first time. The official said that, if it is taken in such a way to donate car grants for needy students, is not appropriate. The payment of scholarships for the whole school vote out outstanding winners of the student’s family conditions should also be,hollister. The person in charge from the school’s point of view, does not encourage students to drive to school, the student’s family situation,mulberry, the demand for cars vary widely, this reward is not entirely inappropriate. However, the program is full respect for the wishes of the donors, developed in consultation jointly by the departments and enterprises. The companies want to own form of donations,Exposure local positive man suspected Guangxi Bureau of Quality Supervision insp,abercrombie, and its purpose in addition to reward students, as well as consideration of the branding. “Schools can not combat the enthusiasm of the donors to donate it than not to donate.” Expert corporate donations do not inject too commercial elements of the 21st Century Education Research Institute XiongBingJi, on the matter to an interview with reporters, said the issuance of the scholarship is serious things,louboutin pas cher, social institutions the right to decide to donate the rules, as reward,hollister france, award amount. The reward is not static, only cash payment. The approach taken by the Changan Automotive scholarship, in fact, not a scholarship, but by the luck of the lottery. Sweepstakes, similar corporate year-end activities,The aircraft carrier style coinage see the F-15 take off,air jordan, is also not a bad idea. But should not be confused scholarships and sweepstakes, cause effect too commercialized. Should draw strict distinction and scholarship, the scholarship should strictly review,abercrombie outlet, distribution process. He said that this situation is unlikely to happen in foreign countries, foreign universities accept community donations, will be the establishment of the Foundation, and then clear incentives, but strict process is not complicated. XiongBingJi enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and the needs of its expanding influence, of course, should meet, but should be adhering to the principle of social responsibility, not to add too much commercial purposes, causing distortions in the donation process, and should listen to the views of students, teachers . ■ edition the author / reporter in static (original title: Students 40,000 scholarship transfiguration car models)

  6. the white Nissan speed quickly, want to break the yellow crossed the intersection, but the red light go out.” Witnesses, Nissan SUV rushed to the middle of the intersection, turn left area 110 bus hit the left rear of the head. Nissan car immediately be top of the more than 10 meters, rushed to the southeast corner of the intersection. At this point, the southeast corner of several pedestrians waiting to cross the street. Nissan cars circling into the crowd, cut down four pedestrians. About a 20-year-old young woman, immediately head bled,mulberry, fall to the ground, another elderly man fell to the ground clutching his head,abercrombie france. Subsequently,hollister, other passers-by immediately stepped forward to rescue the injured. Witnesses said the Nissan car with driver a total of two, after the incident, they immediately get off the view, and alarm. Nissan cars in order to prevent escape, one of the injured sitting in the Nissan front of the car, the Nissan car two, has not left the scene, wait until the police arrived. The bus passengers were evacuated off other means of transport. Witnesses said that, in addition to the four injured pedestrians, live no other personnel were injured,louboutin pas cher. 20:30 yesterday, the 110 bus is still parked in the middle of the crossroads of the East, damage to the vehicle left front side,louboutin, the left headlight crushed. Nissan sport utility vehicle parked at the crossroads East on the south side of the rear door on the left severely deformed, crushed the left side of the window, under bloodstains in the car,louboutin. Affected by the accident, the crossroads of north and south bound traffic congestion,hollister. 21:00 yesterday, the reporter in the Beijing Military General Hospital to see the accident 20-year-old young woman, head hit, no signs of life after the rescue. In addition, an elderly man a slight concussion, admitted to hospital. The other two victims are in trauma, no life-threatening. Around 10:00 last night, the Security Section of the Beijing Public Transport Group tram passenger branch responsible person, the tram company is Beijing Military General Hospital care for the wounded, and arrange for the families of the victims in the accident to deal with the aftermath. The responsible person,hollister outlet, although specific accident investigation results has not come out, but it was his understanding that the bus driver is not illegal operation,abercrombie, it is normal driving, there should be no liability,ラルフローレン. Last night, the traffic control department said the cause of the accident is under investigation,バーバリー 財布, to disclose the specific circumstances,ポロラルフローレン. Related articles: University president secretary on the same stage s Three years, college students volunteer to help the students and migrant workers Jealously guarding the cliff elementary school substitute te

  7. ‘s more than 600 medical workers on how to be a good doctor, made more than one hour lecture. Speech, Wang Zhenyi personal experience about depending on the patient’s “positive” is the highest honor the story, and denounced the doctors received a red envelope is a social grimace. After the meeting, he not only turned down $ 1 million in lecture fees to the local government,abercrombie, and also “turn” to donate 1 million the Xinghua secondary students incentives. This year has been 87-year-old Wang Zhenyi,hogan outlet, should be back to the ancestral home Xinghua Xinghua city government’s invitation. Yesterday morning, the in Xinghua City Auditorium, Wang Zhenyi with more than 600 local health care workers and held talks. In his speech, Wang Zhenyi, as a doctor, to adhere to the study, study, and is one of the conditions for success,hollister. In studying, it is necessary to provide more why did not miss one anomaly. Wang Zhenyi also reminded peers, have a good attitude for success,louboutin pas cher, because the road to success is a difficult and lengthy process. Example, the highest National Science and Technology Award winners in addition to Wang Xuan, the Yuan Longping age less than 70 years old, the age when other people winning over the age of 80. Wang Zhenyi also self-deprecating, he is 87 years old this year,louboutin, people come self-knowledge, to “give way” in young people. In his speech,louboutin, Wang Zhenyi mentioned several times, to be a doctor to have lofty medical ethics. He recalled that when he was sworn recruits, once said to poor doctor Fenwenbuqu the,hogan. For doctors received a red envelope,air jordan, Wang Zhenyi sad that the doctors received a red envelope strange phase of society,hollister, which is not in Western countries. Get red envelopes doctor, simply forget the year graduation oath that! He believes that the low income of a doctor, should be rational advice to go through the proper channels, so as to achieve the purpose of improving their lives,mulberry, rather than receive a red envelope,abercrombie outlet. Reporter learned that,The Chinese magician successfully challenged 15 se, in this forum, Xinghua City customary to Wang Zhenyi 10,000 yuan lecture fees,abercrombie,University teachers strayed into MLM read out in c. Speech ended, leave Xinghua Wang Zhenyi but leave an envelope, the envelope and lecture fees Xinghua City to give him $ 1 million. Wang Zhenyi not only refund lecture fees, but also, in turn, donated 1 million the Xinghua secondary students incentives. Correspondent the Yuan Kaijian Gu Sunrise newspaper reporter,hollister france, Mr Wang News Links >>> Wang Zhenyi, male, born in Shanghai in 1924, the native of Xinghua. Graduated from Aurora University School of Medicine, and received his MD in 1948. Former Shanghai Second Medical University,Spoiled rich kid buy a luxury car for rent top sports car one day 100000, principals and other staff, now tenured professor, Ruijin Hospital,hollister france, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1994, Health Minister Chen Zhu mentor. On January 14 this year, Wang Zhenyi won the 2010 National Science and Technology Award, and was cordially received by the General Secretary Hu Jintao.

  8. In even the cases where people are very careful unplanned pregnancy can and does occur. If you have recently found that you are pregnant and it was not planned you have a lot of decisions and discussions in your future. Before you do anything you really need to stop and take a deep breath. Then you need to consider how you feel about this unplanned pregnancy. A lot of women are really excited about the pregnancy despite it being a surprise while other women feel scared and other women just want to find a way to resolve the situation. You may find that there is a mixture of emotions going on inside of you and you may even find that they change from minute to minute. Take a few hours or even a couple days to process the reality of the pregnancy to determine how you feel about it.The next thing you need to do is tell your boyfriend or husband about the unplanned pregnancy. Expect that they will have as many mixed emotions as you did,hollister france Why I Travel Alone (Sometimes) Hobbies. Many women are hurt by the responses of the men in their life, but you have to remember that if this was not planned they will have a surprised reaction and the first reaction may not be good or it may not be what you had hoped it would be. Give him the same thing you gave yourself, which is the chance to take a deep breath and really contemplate the unplanned pregnancy and what it means to them, their life, and your relationship.After you have both had a chance to process the information you need to come together and discuss how you feel about it and what you would like to do. You have a lot of options such as keeping the baby and raising it,hollister SEO In Norwich Internet, giving it up for adoption, and even abortion. This is a personal decision that each person has to make for themselves and many people consider each option when they are thinking about an unplanned pregnancy. Think about how this will change your relationship,karen millen, too. Will this bring you closer together and push you further apart,hollister A Brief History of the Fender Guitar Company Music? Can your relationship withstand the stress of a pregnancy and the presence of a child? Would you get married if you are not already? Would you move into together if you aren’t already living together?As you can see, an unplanned pregnancy can affect your relationship a lot. You have a lot of things to consider and hopefully it is something that you can do together. Remember to take things one at a time as an unplanned pregnancy can be very overwhelming for both of you. Discuss the reality and how it will affect your relationship, what you are capable of, etc and go from there. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to be a bad thing and you should always remember that there are a variety of options available to you.

  9. The Most Stimulating Car-Hyundai Terracan,hollisterThe Hyundai Terracan was bastard by Hyundai Company. As we have a tendency to all comprehend that Hyundai cars are acclaimed for the outstanding options, astronomic breadth and bread-and-butter ammunition potency. Hyundai automotives settle for non-inheritable plentiful acceptance emphatically within the commuter car section. Hyundai cars are suggested the avant-garde cars and makeshift articles that are completely ill-fitted for abundant regions.Hyundai Terracan is that the massive amateur and fit marked. Its the extra launched action vehicle. If we have a tendency to are talking regarding the accomplishment of Hyundai Terracan,hollister france, it’s additional than satisfactory with innumerable affairs ability from low revs, emissions are negligible and babble axial the wagon is actual low,mulberry outlet,karen millen Bookmark Managers Programs Vs. Web Services anyarticles. Its a seven seat,karen millen outlet, folded range,abercrombie How To Sort Through Auto Body Repair Lynnwood Sh,abercrombie milano; medium-size four wheel drive vehicle. Its the CRDi system, consequently with the electronically illegal absolute injection, offers actual metering and absolution of fuel. Accomplish enduring that the acceptable bulk of ammunition is acclimated in the least times,abercrombie, maximize performance, coast burning and eliminating the smoke and smells typically related with agent engines.Hyundai Terracan is aberrant quantity and preponderantly if its entire look is taken into consideration. These accommodate allotment time lockable four wheel drive, acceptable arena clearance, ABS, sure fuckup rear differential, dictator and commuter airbags and accessory protection,abercrombie paris. It as well has air-conditioning with spore riddle, engine immobilizer,louboutin, axial lockup, controller, 3 12V ability shops, ability windows, aerial associate degree mate and an MP3/CD amateur and radio with six speakers,abercrombie. Theres as well a complication of accumulator compartments and cup holders. This accomplished tenderness makes the accomplishment of Hyundai Terracan additional outstanding.How to maximize Your Hyundai Terracan Performance: As we have a tendency to all comprehend that affairs an automotive is massive investment,louboutin pas cher. Abundant Humans are additional acceptable to authority assimilate their automotive for best break of your time. As an acting of mercantilism their automotive certain a replacement one, humans are systematically accommodating to advance it during a in a position means therefore it endure longer,abercrombie pas cher. If you would like to accomplish your acclimated Hyundai Terracan accompany you for a best quantity of your time and aerate its performance, there are assertive belongings you ought to do,air jordan Revolusjon Er Ikke Det Vanskeligste, Men Hva Som Skjer Etterp.,air jordan. Itll enlarge the activity of your automotive and abatement the accident of aliment that would seem forth erratically. One ought to systematically abstain warming of engine. Second if you’re not capable to adjustment your automotive once more you charge to acquisition a reliable mechanic. In a position aliment of your Acclimated Hyundai Terracan can completely access its performance.

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