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“Dual-use” bag on Ryanair

I finally got round to scanning this great piece of marketing Sofia and I discovered on our Ryanair flight.

Ryanair photo envelope (click to enlarge)

?Hmm, it?s just one of those envelopes to send away your films for processing? I hear you say. No, look again. It?s actually a sponsored ?dual use? sickbag. Yeah- dual use! One hopes that the dual uses are mutually exclusive?

For anyone who doesn?t know, Ryanair pride themselves on offering as cheap as possible flights ? we often don?t pay more than £60 return to fly to Sweden, which is why we go so often. In order for them to offer such low prices, when you board the aircraft you?re basically sitting on a flying billboard with seats ? everything (I mean everything) is sponsored with some kind of advertising or endorsement. But I?d never have thought it would spread as far as sick bags!

So, this left Sofia and I pondering the obvious ? what if you need to throw up AND send your holiday snaps away for development?

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