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Where do old iPods go to die?

I was just thinking about the new iPod nanos (G2) and remembered seeing the original nanos (G1) still for sale in a Zoom Shop at San Francisco Airport on Monday (a week after the announcement of the new model).

Clearly someone had not got around to updating the ‘vending-machine-cum-store’ with the new stock.

iPod Nano G2

(BTW: What’s the point of buying an iPod when you’re just about to board a plane – it’s kind of a bit late to download your mp3′s on it, unless you have a laptop… In which case you don’t need an mp3 player for that trip?)

But then it got me thinking – where will those old G1 Nano’s go when the Zoom Shop operative comes to update the stock in the machine? In fact, what did Apple do with all the G1 Nano’s that were lying around in it’s stores (and that of it’s resellers) the day before the announcement?

Is there an iPod graveyard somewhere, a bit like that place in Tuscan, Arizona where old planes go to die? Do they just destroy them?

Where do they go?

Anyone know?