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BBC Global News’ Richard Sambrook comes out…

…into the public blogosphere!

Euen Semple reports that Richard Sambrook (Director, BBC Global News) is now blogging ‘in the wild’.

SacredFacts is Richard’s public-facing blog, which complements his private, internal/BBC-staff-only blog on the BBC’s Intranet.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Richard is posting the same posts as he does to his internal staff – but maybe that’s understandable.

Richard has been a champion of blogging for sometime, and has also embraced Flickr and

Now a really cynical (and slightly snarky) commentator might wonder where Ashley Highfield’s blog is… (His Flickr is here, btw)

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  1. Did you mean to write ScaredFacts instead of SacredFacts?

    It’s a good anagram – a bit like nuclear power and unclear power.


  2. Ben Ben

    Lol, no.

    Fixed. Thanks!

  3. People shouldn’t just have blogs for the sake of having a blog, they should have one if there’s something they want to say. I guess Ashley Highfield doesn’t have anything interesting to say 🙂

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