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A passing thought on a more open iPad…

Jail-breaking an iPhone has always been fraught with danger and complexity. Much of this has been associated to the inclusion of the ever-present AT&T connection in the phone – perhaps acting as Apple’s local watchman over their your device.

I read that, for this reason, jail-breaking iPod Touches is a far more popular pursuit than it is with their cellular brethren.

I leave you, therefore, with the thought – no, hope – that perhaps a jail-broken iPad (unhinged of any AT&T connection at least on the regular WiFi-only edition) will be far easier to crack. Far easier to mod. And far easier to keep unlocked and broken from Apple’s shackles.

This, my friends, may the path to promised land for our otherwise locked and blinded shiny new tablet devices.

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  1. Elias Bizannes Elias Bizannes

    Good thought. But something else bigger is happening. HTML5 is the promised land and we’re seeing a nearly overnight adoption of the standard a decade ahead of plan.

    I’m loving the innovation of sites to create iPhone compatible experiences. For example, I’ve now got an icon on my homescreen for Google calendar…and I kid you not, I prefer it over the local iCal app. This is the pattern to watch, not whether people unlock their iPads

  2. Just a little curious. If you don’t like the restrictions placed on the device, why buy the device to start with?

  3. how amazing

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