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Seesmic for Facebook desktop client

Here at SxSW we’ve just launched a glimpse into some future product direction we’re working on at Seesmic. During the Facebook panel, we announced Seesmic for Facebook.

Seesmic for Facebook screengrab

Seesmic for Facebook lets you keep track of your friend’s Facebook status and easily update your own. It is based on the technology behind Twhirl, our popular desktop client for twitter, seesmic and

This is very much a beta release from us (for those who remember the old skool definition of beta). We wanted to get something out soon, to gauge people’s reactions and product requirements. We’re not sure (/not saying!) where this is all heading but rest assured we’ll be bolting on a lot more functionality onto the Facebook client as we further develop it and the Facebook API matures further.

You can try out Seesmic for Facebook by checking out the application on Facebook. It’s based on Adobe AIR, so you will need to have that installed already (don’t worry, it’s free and painless).

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