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MySpace hires as Yahoo! sadly fires

You’d have to be under a pretty big rock not to have heard about the layoffs at Yahoo! today. Many people, from an Integrated Campaign Strategy Manager through to popular blogger Susan Mernit were ‘impacted’, as the internal memo was apparently worded. Even Brickhouse lost its head.

On the one hand, being given a pink slip is no doubt destabilizing and scary. However with Yahoo! on your resume and the rest of the industry still doing relatively well, I’m pretty sure most ex-Yahoo’s will find something to move onto.

MySpace logo

And as one company downsizes another upsizes – and so I guess this is as good as any opportunity to help get the word out that MySpace is hiring like mad for it’s funky new San Francisco office in South Park.

Engineers, Product Managers, UI Designers, Biz Dev, Project Management… you name it. There are some sample job reqs, but to be honest if you’re looking for such positions I’d rather just put you in contact with the right people at MySpace because we all know that at this level it’s about getting good people on board as much as it is defining specific roles.

MySpace is doing some really interesting work. Some people I talk to seem to have pre-conceived notions about the company, which I understand. But I feel it’s worth re-evaluating. The Developer Platform that just launched is a leading example of the level of openness, transparency and conversation MySpace is seeking with its audience.

And just today I saw the designs of something truly amazing that will hit your screens in the coming months. Like ground-breaking stuff.

If you got laid off from Yahoo! today, or are concerned you might be next then why not at least check out what MySpace is up to? Of course that offer extends to anyone who’s getting bored somewhere and wants to feel the fire in their belly again, and work with others of the same ilk.

Please hit me up with an email and your resume – my email address at MySpace is bmetcalfe {at}

(disclosure, I work with MySpace – but that’s hopefully pretty evident!)

UPDATE… Note to journalists/reporters/pro-bloggers: I do not have any comment to make on the reports of discussions between Yahoo!/News Corp (parent company to MySpace) – nor would I be authorized to do so if I did. Please don’t email or call me on this!

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  2. hopefully a net gain of geeks (& geek evangelism) for the valley.

    u go ben 🙂

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