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Google, Facebook and Plaxo join

(Ben Metcalfe is a founding member of the DataPortability Workgroup – which promotes and encourages the implementation of open-standards and open-access to data using technologies such a OpenID, OAuth, Microformats, APML and more) logo

Over at, we’ve been sitting on some BIG news for the passed few days that I can finally blog about…

Google, Facebook and Plaxo have joined the Data Portability Workgroup.

It’s a massive and exciting breakthrough that we’re thrilled about. Data Portability is about true interoperability and data exchange (both between social networks and other apps we use). It’s breathtaking to see these companies sign up and align themselves with that ideal.

I’m also stoked to have some amazing people represent each of these companies on the group. Joseph Smarr will represent Plaxo (who I also work with on the OpenSocial committee), Brad Fitzpatrick will represent Google (a major coup seeing as he helped create OpenID ) and Benjamin Ling will represent Facebook (Benjamin is also ex-Google).

I’m on-site at MySpace today so can’t blog further reaction right now, but reaction can be found from Marshall Kirkpatrick at Read/WriteWeb and Duncan Riley at TechCrunch.

You can also join the public Google Group for Data Portability.

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  1. Turns out that Scoble’s incident has been good for the whole social networking industry.

  2. Good ol’ Scoble knew what he was upto! Good job Ben!

  3. Congratulations, Ben. We’re certainly happy here at Blog Friends.

  4. Ben,
    I personally think this is long overdue. Portability, though can’t be addressed in isolation, it needs to be balanced with other demands, both legal and commercial.

    It is great to see the firms getting together to do this, I would love to learn more, and also to see the involvement of some of the leading thinking on Identity and Privacy, such as Kim Cameron and Casper Boden from Microsoft. I also believe you should involve some representation from the working party 29, or a similar group.

    There are also a number of EU sponsored projects that may also be able to add expertise here.

    I’ve just applied to join the group in my personal capacity, I hope you will have me on board.

    Drop me a mail, and I’d be happy to talk more offline.

  5. […] I’d not paid much attention the announcement, so after reading about it over at Dennis’s and Mike’s  and at techcrunch HQ I had a little browse through the website and Ben’s blog.  […]

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  7. That is indeed good news. It will be interesting to see how this goes down in the EU.

  8. It is interesting to read all of the news concerning data portability; and to notice that there is not an organization involved that represents the members and users.

    It all seems to be about companies deciding what to do with user content and profile information. Kind of like asking the fox to make up the rules on how chickens can best be made safe from hungry foxes

    Correct me if I am wrong

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