On LobbyConning

This week is shaping up to be the highlight of the San Francisco conference calendar. It’s not worth going paying to go to all those gatherings and so many of us end up LobbyConning instead.

I was interviewed for a piece published in tomorrow’s San Francisco Chronical on the very subject:

(BTW I’m hoping I’m not going to regret this glib comment:)

“The sessions at technology conferences are often like plots in porn films,” said Ben Metcalfe, a technology consultant from San Francisco who said he lobbycons about four conferences annually. “It’s required for the context, but it’s not really what you paid for.”

While staking out the lobby, he said, he’s gotten business leads, engaged in interesting discussions about new products and met a number of people he wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

I’ll be at the Widget Summit tomorrow and Tuesday (sharing a badge with a colleague), the Business of API’s conference (paid ticket) and probably some of the Web2.0Summit (LobbyConning). See you there.

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