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Deflating a little of the Jon Schwartz’s Java puff…

Wow, Jonathan Schwartz proves he’s good at navel gazing.

But you can’t paper over all the cracks…

I know that sounds audacious, but wherever I travel in the world, I’m reminded of just how broad the opportunity has become, and how pervasively the technology and brand have been deployed. Java truly is everywhere.

Ask a teenager if they know Java, and they’ll point to their favorite mobile applications, the video uploader for their social network, or their game console. As for working professionals, I had dinner with a financial analyst a few months ago who said he saw the Java launch experience “a few times a day” when accessing intranet applications – as did tens of thousands of his fellow employees. Daily. Global companies like Google and eBay (and Vodafone and Citigroup) are built on Java, every major PC manufacturer bundles Java upon shipment, as does every mobile phone manufacturer

(emphasis mine)

Er… except Apple. Sorry, no Java VM in the iPhone, Jonny. And whilst today the iPhone is still relatively small in terms of market share, it’s presence is important as an indicator of the future tech-stack we will see on medium-to-high-end phones.

The mobile platform is moving towards being web-orientated and away from app-orientated. In real terms moving forward, we’re going to see ubiquitous and vendor-neutral HTML/CSS/Javascript as the key technologies on the mobile and not vendor-locked J2ME, etc.

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