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London Widget Week – 14-22nd May

I guess you’re going to start seeing a lot about widgets on this blog, now. And so, for my old chums back in Blighty, what better way to get acquainted with the latest goings-on in this area than to attend the forthcoming London Widget Week?

The event is actually three evening sessions, organized by my old friends at ChinWag along with MoMo (MobileMonday) and NMK.

The events are:

  • 14th May: Mobile Monday – Mobile Widgets
  • 16th May: Chinwag Live – Media Widgetised
  • 22nd May: Beers & Innovation 10: Widget Nation

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that these three events actually occur over 8 days, and not 7 – thus this is strictly not a widget week. But let’s not hold that against them, as I understand these were originally separate uncoordinated events.

It looks like a great lineup. And given that I’m working with widgets for my current project I’d love to be able to attend each of those sessions. Alas, I’m unable to make it myself, however it looks like I will be back in London a month or so later – so see you then.

Check out the Widget Week site over on ChinWag.

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