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Jason Calacanis – the master baiter

Whoa – Jason Calacanis’ just turned up the pretentious dial in the guise of a post all about how to ‘create a relationship with him via linking’ (ie he’s fishing for links).

Sorry dude, I actually quite like you but I’m not going to rise to the bait… so no link, but check out what I’m talking about here:

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  1. That’s actually a really good article on blog pr! Thinking about it I’ve unwittingly used a few of his rules and had the person I was linking to commenting on my blog in no time! I’ll be trying a few more of those tricks 🙂

  2. Ben Ben

    Hmm, do you want me to comment on your blog too?


  3. I disagree. This is exactly why I didn’t add Jason to the 10 Biggest Master Baiters List. Begging for links is totally lame. I’m glad to see you didn’t give him a link.

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