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TailRank spins out backend as Spinn3r

News and Blog memetracker TailRank has opened it’s backend API – allowing anyone to access the raw output from the product’s blog spider. The name of the new project is called Spinn3r. Hey, at least Kevin didn’t call it Spinnr, I guess.

I should disclose Kevin Burton, TailRank’s founder, is a good friend.

Kevin claims TailRank indexes more than 1 million of the most popular blogs and feeds, minus the spam and splogs. That index is available via Spinn3r

For a live example of some output from the api, try accessing:

Access to the API is free (as you can see from clicking above), however a commercial license must be agreed with TailRank in order to use the data.

I’m quite excited by this, it’s time to get it working with some of my ideas.

[via Spinn3r blog]

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