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Is this Jim Gray? If not plz help!

If you’re not already searching for Jim Gray’s boat via Amazon MechTurk, please donate a few minutes of your time to help out.

Jim’s friends and contacts from companies such as NASA, Digital Globe, Microsoft (where he worked), Google, Oracle, Amazon and others have rallied together to utilize the emerging technologies we all enjoy to help find them. These include obtaining satellite and NASA spy plane imagery, and utilizing Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service to get as many pairs of eyes as possible to process that imagery for possible sightings.

But in the meantime, could this be his boat? After a few hundred tiles, I found this:

Which looks very promising as the boat has been described as being about 6 pixels long and 2-3 pixels wide.

But this might not be his boat. Or even a boat at all. Please help out – all you need is to log in with your Amazon account.

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