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Spotted whilst reading “Hooked on Google” on

“Google is the next Microsoft because Microsoft is the next IBM” Stephen Arnold author of ‘The Google Legacy’.

Everyone’s been spotting similarities between today’s Google and Microsoft a few years back. But I agree Microsoft is slowly becoming IBM like – and that’s not necessarily a good thing for them.

BTW: Someone who works for an IBM partner recently told me IBM only has around 4000 clients worldwide! I couldn’t believe that but he was pretty adamant about the numbers.

Sure, those 4000 may be generally high value-contracts, but the ‘churn factor‘ must be concerning. Consulting projects come to the end of their natural life, clients run out of money and rival companies poach contracts.

Disclosure: As per my disclosure policy please be aware I have been doing some on/off consultancy for a Microsoft project recently.

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  1. mike mike

    well, think about the top 2000 largest companies in the world. Almost all will be multi-nationals, and most will be be being sold multiple IBM “things” (Mainframes, servers, consultnacy, networking, software etc).
    Also, just because a single consultancy contact ends, does not mean that another one has not already started with a different department within the same company. One thing that IM´BM consultants could bring was a knowledge of how different divisons of a company are working to each other.

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