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Roll on LeWeb3… (where’s the backchannel?)

Just a quick post to say hi to everyone at Le Web 3 (formerly Les Blogs) in Paris – and to wish Loic and his team all the very best.

Sorry I can’t be there, but hope it goes well for you all. I’ll snark monitor the back channel if anyone dares cares to point me to it!

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  1. Ben, the connectivity sucks. The backchannel isn’t really going to happen until the wifi and connectivity improves.

  2. I would assume freenode and #leweb3?

  3. Nicole, that’s right – but there’s nobody there – not sure whether it’s a lack of wifi or a lack of subversive anarchist types this year.

    Looking at the pictures of the conference hall, I assume the latter.

    I’m there just to see if anything does spark off 🙂

  4. There are more people in suits here than I was expecting…

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