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Phil Torrone’s open source laser etching business

For sometime I’ve been toying with an ad network idea that would essentially allow people to sell space on their laptop to advertisers. Like what sticker-schwag vendors hope you’ll do for them for free, but this time with a payment.

Leah Culver independently went and did exactly what I was thinking about, and seems to have been quite successful. The heart of her implementation was laser etching logos onto the front of her MacBookPro, which is a nice way of doing it if you have a shiny surface like an Apple laptop.

My idea didn’t initially include laser etching, however I can see instances where it might be successful.

With this in mind, I was quite excited to hear that Phil Torrone (editor of Make:) is launching a laser etching service. This obviously fills in one part of the jigsaw as to how one could get this idea off the ground.

Interestingly Phil is launching his business around an open-source model. Once it is established Phil and his business partner will release details of how they set up the business – everything from spreadsheets through to templates for the laser.

Best of luck guys!

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  1. I loved the idea by Leah so much that I copied it myself
    £15 ($29) a inch and 4 inches for £50 ($98)

    It will be interesting to see how the open-source business idea goes, On paper it sounds a great idea that could well be applied to a number of businesses.

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