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Zune not on sale in San Francisco?

Maybe it’s because this is Apple country, but there seems to be no Zune’s available for purchase here in San Francisco. And that’s not because they’ve all sold out, it appears they never went on sale here in the first place.

I dropped into CompUSA yesterday (the main computer store here in downtown, not counting the Apple Store of course). They hadn’t had any come in so there were none to buy. Office Depot on 3rd St, which has them listed in a flyer I saw this morning hadn’t had a delivery either.

An article on CNet confirms my experience, although they claim that Virgin Megastore at the top of 2nd St has them but the store isn’t putting them out yet because they don’t have the right in-store signage. Say what? I might go pester them to see if I can buy one none-the-less.

I’m going to try Staples tonight, which is one my way home, otherwise I guess I’ll have to trek down to BustBuy on 10th St to see if they have any left.

BTW: This isn’t a purchase for myself – it’s a gift.

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  1. Zuny Tunes — fine print written by nitwits undermines Microsoft’s wannabe iPod-killer. The name is just one small part of the problem. The words iPod and iTunes are variations of recognizable words that point to real things. What’s a Zune? What does it point to? Nothing. Plus, it rhymes with all kinds of things Microsoft probably doesn’t want to rhyme with, including their competitor’s dominant and highly successful music marketplace. Not smart. Downright Zuny (sorry).

  2. Ben Ben

    Sure, but this doesn’t explain why they’re not in stock in any of the major stores in San Francisco…?

  3. David David

    I think the market is really the key reason that maybe result in absence of Zune… when talking about portable music device… ipod is almost the firt thing people have in mind. if people have already locked them with ipod, who cares what else does the same thing… on the other hand, i do not see a single zune ad anywhere… whereas… ipod is almost in every corner that i traveled to.

  4. Hey Ben,

    right now, you can get it at every BestBuy store (, all the others are waiting for delivery (I asked at Fry’s for instance) but I finally decided for the new supermini 15 gram iPod shuffle and I’m very happy with it (listening to podcasts most of the time). Check out the little report on the Chicago sun-times 🙂 Can find on my blog

    Cheers and cu soon,


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