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YouTube’r lands presenting job with BBC… sort of

Susi Weaser spends her time reviewing gadgets on YouTube (and her blog Shiny Shiny).

She came to the attention of the BBC when a producer was looking for someone who could present short, ‘for-a-mainstream-audience’ gadget reviews for a forthcoming daytime program.

Apparently the fact she had effectively created a show real of her talent made it very easy for the BBC to decide to invite her in for a screen test.

This is probably the first person in the UK to move from grassroots video to mainstream media.

More on BBC News Website.

UPDATE: My former BBC colleague Jem Stone says that in fact she’s going to work for Princess Productions, and independent TV production company that will sell the show to the BBC. Also, as Jem quite rightly points out, ShinyShiny is a Gawker blog – so not quite as ‘grassroots’ as I initially thought. Thanks for the update, Jem.

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  1. Jem Jem

    well sort of

    shiny media is a UK gawker like blog network all run by ex magazine/fleet street journos. susi weaser is one of their reviewers for for one of their blogs and is now going to work for an indie tv company Princess TV productions who have sold their show to the BBC. Its not as if its her programme, she’s just going to be the hired talent.

    its interesting that princess have picked up on new talent this way but blimey i hired people to talk on BBC radio because they were doing websites in 1995 and hundreds of producers have found contributors online this way since and before me.

    i really am very contrarian on your blog Ben. apols fella.

    so the first grassroots

  2. Jem Jem

    i didn’t finish…

    so the first grassroots…not really.

  3. I really love this!!! Great job but please have in mind that the speed of your website isn’t so good. do not know what happened but it took me some time to be able to access it

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