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Microsoft: The left arm not talking to the right

Months after the “yes, we know we fucked up with Passport” announcements at Mix06, Microsoft has goofed up majorly by forcing users of it’s new social networking site to use the defunct federated log-in system that’s loved by no-body.

Trouble is, said social networking site was supposed to court IT pros and those working in the industry. Ooops.

Seems like someone didn’t check in with whoever is looking after Microsoft’s new-era image.

Nevertheless, check out Aggreg8 if you want. Perhaps it should have been called Aggrev8 instead?

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  1. Ben,

    I just checked out agrev8 and I just don’t get it. It’s worse than alpha. It was a chore just to find the edit-profile page and then once I did I saw text for options that weren’t linked and when I saved only half of my entries stuck. It seems like it has working forums. Maybe it should be advertised as that instead?

    I was the lead for O’Reilly Connection (I just stumbled on your blog through from there) so I’ve got a soft spot for anyone who’s trying this. I checked into InfoWorld IT Exec-Connect today. Just as awful as Aggreg8. Time to revive O’Reilly Connection maybe.


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