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JP on SongBird

JP says:

“… why do I like what I see in Songbird? Because I don’t like lock-in. I want to be able to choose my device, choose my platform, choose my connection, choose my everything. I understand when that is technically impossible. I am less tolerant when it comes to creation of artificial scarcities and blocks. Just look at the garbage that is Region Coding on DVDs and you will see what I mean.

Yes, yes, yes!

Read more or check out SongBird directly.

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  1. This is lame on so many levels.

    He likes SongBird because there is no lock in I assume meaning that he wants to be able to use other DAPs. But he doesn’t. He uses an iPod. He also uses Macs. Macs lock you in in many ways, as does the iPod. I mean I could understand if he was some GNU hippie who wouldn’t use any closed system. He uses DVDs, I don’t see anybody refusing to watch movies because of region coding or DRM.

  2. you are a really good writer

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