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Are you upgrading to a new MacBook or MacBookPro? Do you have an old PowerBook going spare?

Do you know anyone who is upgrading their old Apple PowerBook G4, perhaps to a new Intel MacBook or MacBook Pro? Would you/they be willing to donate your/their old laptop to a freshman university student?

Apple PowerBook G4

Sofia and I have a friend back in the UK who has just started university at York to study for a BSc in Physics. He’s a bright and ambitious young man who is pretty excited to be able to go to uni – but like most students doesn’t have the kind of disposal income many of us have (/I once had – oh welcome to startups!). Without wanting to go into too much detail it’s fair to say it’s going to be somewhat tight financially for his mother to support him through his studies too.

Our friend (who we’re not wanting to name directly as we know he reads this blog and he’s pretty shy!) needs to be run a number of software products for his studies including Maple (it’s a powerful maths and engineering package that requires a fairly good computer to run).

Unfortunately it won’t run on his pretty old linux-based workstation – but will run on an Apple Powerbook G4 which I know many people are getting rid of as they upgrade to the new fancy Intel-based Macs. I also know he would be dead chuffed to have a laptop he can take to his lectures, the library, etc.

Sofia and I are therefore wondering whether there are any generous souls out there who would be willing to donate their old Apple laptop that they don’t want anymore? We’d be extremely grateful, and I know our friend would be too!

I’d be happy to chip in a hundred dollars or so if necessary to cover shipping costs if you’re not in San Francisco (our locale) and any other expenses you incur. We can arrange getting it to UK – unless you’re already in the UK in which case that makes it even easier! 🙂

Because of the hardware requirements of the software and the interface we’re on the look-out for an Apple Powerbook G4 733 MHz (or better) with 15″ screen.

If you think you might be able to help, please could you send me an email: ben [–at–] And if you can’t personally (hey, I don’t use Apple products either!) perhaps you know someone who might or could post this on your blog? Any help gratefully received!

Many thanks
Ben & Sofia

PS: I’m also wondering whether there are any match-making websites for people who have laptops they no longer need and those who need them? I know there are companies that serve corporate-size companies to dispose of old equipment, but not sure if there’s anything for individual owners? If not, perhaps that’s my next project…

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  1. is a UK-based match-making service for people to donate individual computers to charities. I believe they sometimes allow donations to individuals as well, though their FAQ implies this is only for people with a disability.

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