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Les Blogs III: Dec 11 + 12 2006, Paris

Loic Le Muer informs us that Les Blogs III will be returning to Paris on December 11 and 12.

LesBlogs 2 conference

I’m not going to be going, before anyone asks. I’m, er, busy…

Actually I fly home to the UK on Dec 19th from San Francisco. It’s already booked so the dates just don’t work. Also Paris was really cold last year. Also… er…

But I genuinely wish SixApart, TechCrunch, NetVibes, Jeff Clavier and everyone else organising the event the best of luck with it.

If you’re in the area do check it out. Loic has even promised better food, with last year’s famously being described by a good friend of mine (who will remain nameless… Kevin) as “a culinary experiment in nano-technology”. I’m sure the French cuisine will be much better this year…

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  1. Excellent – thanks for flagging, Ben. Think I may well go along.

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