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Google Blog Search gets love from Google News

As I thought, Google have promoted their lowly Blog Search (off the back of the launch of their ping server).

Google News is showing some love by linking prominently to Google Blog Search – both on the front page and on News search results.

As Marshall Kirkpatrick on TechCrunch point out, it’s an interesting move considering Yahoo! removed the blog search functionality from their own news offering just a few months ago.

With my ‘media’ hat on, I find it a curious move for different reasons to Marshal. My main point is that not all blogs are ‘news’ per se and so it seems odd to squeeze such a feature into such a tight vertical. Sure it makes sense for news providers like the BBC and NYT to point through to the blogs talking about a given story on their site (sadly BBC doesn’t do this yet) but that’s drilling down from an already specific topic into the blogosphere.

Google News, on the other hand is about searching within the news vertical – and many blogs lie outside of this vertical.

We’ll see whether this is the permanent home of Google Blog Search, or just a temporary location to test the waters…? I wonder what Technorati’s next move will be – a news-focused subsite, perhaps?

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