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Firefox 2.0 bug: looses form data when back button is pushed

I’ve now lost two blog posts from a nasty little bug in Firefox 2.0 concerning the back button.

In a nutshell, any form data entered into a web page is lost if you press the browser’s back button.

My laptop has back and forward buttons above the left and right cursor keys, and I occasionally press them by mistake. In the past an accidental press of the back button could be resolved by simply pressing the forward button. Firefox 1.x would preserve the form data as it was when the back-button was pressed. Alas in Firefox 2.0 this is no longer the case… 🙁

I use WordPress’ default web-based admin panel for posts, and I’ve now lost two blog posts because of this. I won’t go back to Firefox 1.x yet because I love the in-form spellcheck. But it’s frustrating!


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  1. This is an ugly bug. I hope the developers will somehow solve it, because I had the same problem as you. Now I feel that I am not alone with my problem.

    Thank you for sharing this sorty with me !

  2. Loses. Not Looses.

    Sounds like a bug in your laptop keyboard. 🙂

  3. Thinkpad? Other bloggers have gone crazy over the Thinkpad’s page buttons. You can disable them in the keyboard utility. Ping me for details if you need help identifying.

  4. kompir kompir

    How do I disable the back and forward buttons? My browser retains form info, but they’re driving me crazy anyway. Thanks.

  5. I just lost a big technical wiki post, or well, Im hoping i didnt. Looking for solutions now, as I still have the tab open where I went back a page by accident. Really a nasty bug.

    I need to figure out how to change my wiki to be more ajaxian, like google documents, where it saves as you go. Really nice feature and is where editing content on the web is going.

  6. Adam Windisch Adam Windisch

    goto Start>Programs>ThinkVantage>Keyboard Customizer Utility. From there goto Key Sensitivity, and uncheck “Enable Browser Keys” Then click Apply.

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