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Wow, I want one of each…

Sony has announced two cool, if a little ‘whimsical’, gadgets in the past few days.

The Sony Mylo wifi device

The Mylo – a pocket WiFi device, reminciant to the Nokia 770, which offers Skype, GTalk and Yahoo messaging, emial and web browsing.

the Sony GPS-CS1

And the slightly less interestingly named GPS-CS1 – a clever GPS dongle that tracks your geographic location during trips and then syncs the time stamps on your photographs with the lat/long recorded on the device at the moment the photo was taken.

Check out Engadget’s post for both the Mylo and the GPS-CS1.

Now, if only Sony could combine the two… <drool>

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  1. Cool – but I think they should have combined the Mylo with the PSP.. they look similar already, and I use my PSP as much for web browsing as I do for gaming. Imagine how cool a Mylo-PSP would be!

  2. .. oh ok, throw GPS in as well, so we could have location-based PSP gaming 🙂

  3. That Mylo is interesting, but combining the two units (Or hell, just add-on to the PSP) would make one hell of a handheld. That GPS jammy would be very cool taking pictures during travels, knowing the co-ordinates just adds a nice touch, 10 years go by, you find yourself in the area, instantly transports you back…. Ahhhh technology.

    I mean, I could use that thing, I’m usually stoned out of my gourd, so being able to have some sort of stamp as to where I’ve been would rock my fro.

  4. how amazing

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