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Sofia and I get hitched

We tried to keep it a secret as best as possible, but I’m delighted to announce that Sofia and I got married today:

Sofia and Ben wedding.

(We’ll put the full photo album up tomorrow, so check back for the Flickr link)

We had a great day, inviting just a few family and friends to a short-but-very-sweet civil service at the registry office local to my family home in West London. Sofia used to live next door when we lived there, so it seemed only right to get married back in the neighbourhood where we first met.

It was also really great that Sofia’s aunt and step-father could make it, as their plane from Sweden was cancelled yesterday due to the terrorist alert. Fortunately they arrived onto the first plane into Heathrow this morning.

After the wedding my mother and Jean, a family friend, put on a lovely reception back at home. We feasted on meats, salads and ciabatta. The champagne flowed and I had the odd glass of orange juice. Then the sun came out and we enjoyed the afternoon in the garden. Friends popped in during the course of the afternoon, it was all very pleasant.

The day was simple and understated, but it’s how we wanted it to be. We couldn’t be happier.

(excuse me whilst I now go puke)

BTW, here’s some answers to questions people keep asking us:

  • Sofia is keeping her surname
  • We didn’t get married in a church cos we’re not religious
  • There’s no honeymoon as we’re very busy at the moment with our moving plans
  • Sofia isn’t pregnant (the cheek!), nor are we making any plans in that direction thankyouverymuch!

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  1. Congratulations, old chap. Whatever our differences, I wish you well. Good luck in married life.

  2. Congrats Ben & Sofia! Wow!

    You guys look awesome…you were already like an old married couple, but now you have the paper to prove it!

    kisses from us!

  3. Congratulations to you both. Good luck with the move.

  4. Congratulations! I hope you guys have a wonderful life together.

  5. Handsome I must say, and a lot of good wishes from here. 😉

  6. Big Congrats to Ben! Mnyeah sort of well done to Sofia!


  8. you shouldda dyed your hair WHITE man!!

  9. R Freeman R Freeman

    I love the way you have your head tilted at, what I believe is called, a ‘jaunty angle’!


    I really admire your committment.

  10. Richard Harris Richard Harris

    Congratulations Ben and Sofia!

    Many happy returns, see you both at Barcamp!

  11. Ben!

    Really happy for you! Both that is —- thigs always improve when you leave th BBC ….

  12. Congrats! Your wedding day sounds so pleasant and stress free! More couples should take your idea and save themselves the stress and money!

  13. tom tom

    Good luck in married life Ben.

    p.s. you scrub up well matey !

  14. Congrats, mate! A little late with the comment here, but I’m looking forward to having the two of you on our side of the pond!

  15. James James

    “…Friends popped in during the course of the afternoon, it was all very pleasant….”

    Where was my invite dude?

    ps congratulations xxx

  16. congratulations!

  17. Leo Leo

    “…Friends popped in during the course of the afternoon, it was all very pleasant….”

    Yeah, that’s the last wedding of mine you’re invited too!

  18. Congrats and all the best with your moving plans

  19. Congratulations Ben and Sofia….

  20. congrats ben!

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