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Ashley Highfield puff-piece in the Independent

A whimsical article that contains lots of words, but says very little.

Ashley’s been taking a bit of a beating recently in the blogosphere (which he doesn’t read) and the more ‘mainstream’ online press. It looks like his PR team sorted ths puff piece for him which sickenly ends with “It’s just as well, then, that we have Ashley Highfield.”.

What I did take away from the article is:

  • Ashley got to drive an F1 car around Magny-Cours grand prix track. Bastard 🙂
  • He describes his job as “the janitor”. lol
  • It turns out he is the person responsible for the excruciatingly cheap ‘Dolls House’ concept for Bravo a few years back (take a bunch of babes and put them in a house covered in webcams whilst nerdy blokes perve over them).

The rest was fluff and spin.

I guess my frustration here is that the article portrays an Ashley Highfield I don’t recognise… which is odd considering I would walk past his “lofty perch…, overlooking the modern, wooden staircase [in the BBC Broadcast Centre]” every day when I worked there.

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  1. The “puff piece” was written by the Independent’s media editor – what did the PR team do to sway him and turn it into a puff piece do you think?

    Why haven’t you taken him to task if you think the article is unbalanced – attributing its puffery to the mysterious powers of the PR team’s the easy way out.

    But if you was just another rant about Ashley Highfield you wanted to get off your chest: job done, I guess. 🙂

  2. Ben Ben

    *Another* rant about Ashley Highfield?

    Sure, there’s been quite a few about him recently but I haven’t written anything about him at all until now!

    I even avoided talking about him on this post.

    And I don’t think I was ranting – like you said if I wanted to ‘rant’ I could ‘take him to task’ etc.

    As it happens I’ve got little I feel I want to talk about Ashley Highfield and was more making an observation that the Independent piece didn’t seem to have much in common with the Ashley I knew of.

    Maybe you have assumed that I wanted to rant at Ashley, and your comments are based on that mis-asumption?

  3. Fair play, Ben – I’m sorry. I’ve mis-assumed, mis-read and mis-commented.

    It was me that was game for a rant, obviously.

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