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Rocketboom: yeah, so what?

So Rocketboom fires it’s co-founding lady Amanda Congdon and now it looks like they’ve hired some ex-MTV Europe dolly.

Is it just me or who gives a shit? This seems like a non-starter story to me.

I don’t geddit.

Mind you I still don’t know who Star Jones Reynolds is either, despite seeing her quitting/axeing as the “main headline” on US TV news when I was out there a few days ago

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  1. It just confirms what I thought about Rocketboom from the start. Great idea, interesting-enough content (although neither niche or general markets), early-adopter but attractive blonde presenter.

  2. Got to disagree, Rocketboom was a great example of whats possible when you build niche content on a very low budget and a small amount of time. It was smart, funny and perfect to watch on my laptop while eating lunch at work.

  3. Ben Ben

    Ian: I don’t mean about Rocketboom itself, just what’s the point of making a big deal about the ousting of Amanda C.

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