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Fake my ID, be dotBen, and have a party

Mikey Arrington’s 7th Tech Crunch party seems to be the hot ticket of the year week and everyone seems to want to go.

Alas you had to RSVP in advance, and now the guestless is closed 🙁

But don’t worry if you were one of the many who couldn’t log into the wiki, or just snoozed and loosed… Have my ticket! 🙂

Yes, I cannily got in there early – I’m number 103 on the wiki – but won’t be able to make it personally.

So why not turn up on my behalf?

Mike reckons he’ll be ‘checking ID’, but don’t worry – British driver’s licences are easy to fake. All you have to do is:

  • Put on a dodgy British accent (extra marks if you can mimic my faux East-London accent)
  • Wear black
  • Dye your hair, well, any colour you want
  • Act like you don’t give a shit who’s watching

Extra marks if you create a buzz trap.

Seriously, use my ticket. Buggered if I care!

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  1. Well, I can manage the English accent and wearing black, though I am well out of practice, but sod dying my hair.

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