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  1. I’ve got the C fonts if you’d like to try’em out. 😉

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’ve got the C fonts, but the old -longhorn- version, which were preliminary and incomplete (e.g. Constantia). Please, if you have the latest font versions budled with office 2007 (which I do not download for free last week…) I would like to try them out.

  3. I just saw there are many from this blog going to my web site, probably in search of more info (sorry, that one is just about microbial ecology…), thus, I guess they want to know the answer, and yes, I solved it: downloading the office compatibility pack (beta) available from Microsoft (of course you need to have installed a previous MS office version)
    It will install the latest and fairly complete versions of those beautiful fonts. My favorite for screen display is Corbel, great for internet browsing and presentations. It is absolutely crisp, with real italics and old style numbers. Pleasant to read even at very small sizes. For printing (long text), Constantia is simply great. Another font serif-wedge (somehow calligraphic) font for this purposes is called Gentium by V. Gaultney, and it is under open font license!

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