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Gnomedex: locking out the backchannel

(So I’m here in Seattle for the Gnomedex 6.0, and will be blogging about it here)

Note to Chris (Pirillo): You can encourage people to talk in your “preferred environment”, but don’t stifle their actions when they choose to go elsewhere.

The official Gnomedex IRC channel is at Fair enough, but I don’t really want to snark in the “official backchannel”.

So a few of us headed over to our good friends at and connected to #gnomedex. We joined the channel (which already exisited) and then got the following message:

(11:37:15) ChanServ: (notice) [#gnomedex] The Official Gnomedex 6.0 channel is exclusively in #lockergnome at ( /server -m -j #lockergnome)

…which I obviously ignored. But then I found out that the channel had been registered and owned by a ChanServ bot (presumably owned/operated by Gnomedex people)… And get this: set to stop anyone from posting to it!

They had actually gone into what they had identified as a “rival” to their official channel and blocked it!

That’s really not nice. Please don’t do that.

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  1. THe whole set up is annoying. I went first to the freenode channel, expecting it to be there (which seems to be normal practice) but no, all locked off. I can’t connect to wyldryde through my client and the web based stuff is patchy at best.

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