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Why SecondLife/Flickr Mashup is REALLY cool…

What’s really cool about Matt Biddulph’s SecondLife/Flickr mashup is that he’s managed to embed images from the Internet straight into Second Life.

Why is that cool? Well because if you want to display images in SecondLife you previously had to upload them at a cost of LD$10 a pop (currently LD$300 to the US$1, yes you have to pay!).

Sure that ain’t loads, but what if you want to work with 1000 images? Or 10,000 images? etc.

Arhh, the real power of the network — circumvention!

Also, when you start to call external scripts (which Matt uses to power his mashup) then you can start doing all sorts of interesting tracking too.

(Yes, the actual concept is cool too)

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