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EXCLUSIVE: BBC ‘cab driver’ was really there for a job interview!

The soon-to-launch (currently internal-only) BBC News Editors Blog has an exclusive insight into the BBC News 24/’Cabbie’ expert fiasco.

(check out video)

It turns out that the fake “Guy Kewney” (the music download expert) was actually Guy Goma who was expecting a totally different kind of interview: a job interview!

He is not a cabbie after all, but a graduate in Economics and Business Studies who was waiting in the BBC Television Centre reception to be interviewed for a “Data Support Cleanser” position in the Business Information Department!

Guy Goma (the ‘fake’ Guy) has stated that he is “Happy to speak about any situation” on TV again, but rumours that he is to be offered his own weekly “expert’s corner” on BBC Radio have not been confirmed.

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  1. Appears the news editors blog is protected via HTTP auth. However, its nice to see the replacement to editor’s desktop coming back. The question is, whether the new blog will offer a fun, friendly and enjoyable read as it did when Pete wrote it, or if it will be too bland! 😉

  2. Ben Ben

    Oops, you’re right.

    I thought they had launched, but it’s still in internal-alpha testing! I think it’s launching next week!

    (Post updated)

  3. leo leo

    I saw the “fake Guy” by stage door in TVC this morning. Not sure if he was back for the job interview or appearing on TV.

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