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  1. Ryan Ryan

    So far impressed. Allowed me to easily overlay UK holidays and the F1 race calendar. The way events are added reminds me of 30boxes. Also found it neat when I added when I had to take my car to the garage it also linked the appointment to Google Maps and made it easy for me to find the phone number. I’m sold so far.

  2. My advise is not to get one. As Chris Messina points out – there is nothing open or industry standard about this Google calendar. Like Chris I am working with Microformats such as hcalendar. Google could have done a really good job here and supported these forth-coming standards and really put Microsoft and others under pressue. As it is – Microsoft have nothing to worry about. In many ways Microsoft is the new IBM and Google the new proprietary Microsoft.

  3. trs trs

    Yet another clunky web application (felt like that in IE anyway). Where is the Outlook integration?

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