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Bye-bye LA

I’m now sitting in LAX waiting for my short flight down to San Diego. Tomorrow is the start of the circus that is ETech. Strictly speaking it starts on Monday, but everyone tends to roll into town on Sunday and the social begins in the evening.

So that concludes the vacation aspect of my trip, and now I have to move into work mode (yes, attending a conference is work!).

It’s been a useful and productive trip, having had the opportunity to meet up with so many interesting folks down in The Valley, in SF itself and now here in LA. I’ve also managed to sample the staff restaurants of a couple of well known internet companies along the way :).

Sadly I wasn’t able to take up Anil Dash’s offer to meeting the folks at the Six Apart office, although

It’s also been fun to “San Fransocialize” (™ Chris Messina) with the scene peeps – thanks especially to Tara and Chris for having us, for showing us town and for all the introductions. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again soon. Or cause more BratPack2.0 conference mischief @ Mix06!

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  1. Glad we could host you — and great to have you in town. Looking forward to seeing you @ ETech now that we’ve busted through LA! 😉

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