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Valleywag- you call that content?

I know it’s early day’s for Nick Denton’s latest Gawker offering, but I’m just not feeling Valleywag.

Dot-com bitching is the name of the game with this blog, although they officially class it as “a tech gossip rag”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m up for a bit of bitching as much as the next one (funnily enough). I’ve even been known to occasionally flick through the pages of Sofia’s celebrity gossip magazines like Heat. So combine that spirit with the tech industry, it sounds like a winner to me.

But tattle such as:

“Overheard at a party:
Guy A: Yahoo! has URLs longer than my penis.
Guy B: So they’re 5 chars long?
Guy C: Yeah, but in CAPS.”

Just makes me laugh, it’s so bad. Or is this supposed to be a parody?

BTW: Channel 4’s IT Crowd is on tonight (and Bit Torrent a few hours later no doubt).

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  1. “BTW: Channel 4’s IT Crowd is on tonight (and Bit Torrent a few hours later no doubt). ”

    Erm, or just download it from the channel4 website for free – episode two was released ages ago online.

  2. Ben Ben

    …I couldn’t find them linked on the site 🙁

    I came to the assumption that maybe they were only available during a limited window – which is a strategy the BBC has employed for Mozart podcasts and also Mighty Boosh.

  3. personally, i found the IT crowd rather banal and stereotypical…

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