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Google Page Creator (+ webhosting)

Google have launched their latest project – Google Web Page Creator.

Not only does it give you a WYSIWYG interface to design your page, but Google will also host it for you – they’ll host any files you upload to a maximum of 100MB.

Is this a sideswipe at MySpace (which is famous for it’s crazy user-generated CSS designs)? An alternative product alongside, for those who want their own look and feel rather than blog functionality? Or even a possible intergrated feature for Blogger – user-created templates?

[via Search Engine Watch]

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  1. Is this a sideswipe at MySpace (which is famous for itโ€™s crazy user-generated CSS designs)? &c.

    Probably. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still, I like Google…

  2. Anyone got any links to a page someone has created with this?

  3. I love reading these articles baeucse they’re short but informative.

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