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Google buys Measure Map (and gets Jeffrey Veen)

MeasureMap Logo

Google have aquired Measure Map – which is slightly curiois considering they already have an existing stats package in the form of Google Analytics.

For me, what’s just as interesting is that they have also signed Jeffrey Veen – one of the industry’s leading web designers. It’s not clear whether Jeffrey is still with Adaptive Path, but he was introduced as “Jeffrey Veen, Google Measure Map Team” on the Google Blog

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  1. Jeff is still an owner and sits on the board of Adaptive Path, but he now works for Google as a Design Manager.

  2. Sounds like Google are very lucky to have Jeff Veen on board – not only an internet legend but also a real pioneer.

    I just hope they don’t restrict Measure Map to Blogger users only – I’d love to get my hands on it and play with it for my WordPress blog.

    You mention the Google Analytics system – to be honest I don’t think it’s that great, from the screenshots I’ve seen of measure map it’s in a totally different league.

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