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Roof-top advertising for Google Maps

Some business owners are painting the roof of their building so that they get a free advert of Google Maps – cunning.

A Target store has already done this, and I’m sure there are more examples too.

It would be really cool if the BBC would put something on our building.

(In fact you can see how old the satellite images are over UK – the building I’m in is the one to the top-left of the complex – it was completed over a year ago, yet the photo still shows it half-built.)

More over on the MIT Advertising Lab [via Digg].

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  1. White City does indeed look a bit crap and unbuilt on Google Maps.

    However, Television Centre surely doesn’t need any rooftop advert? That fantastic architectural feature of having the building shaped like a question mark (allegedly designed by accident after the architect drew a load of question marks on a piece of paper in frustration at not being able to fit the building within a triangular piece of land, and saw that – bing – he had it) is unique enough in itself…

  2. Some of the photos must have been taken at different times, I live just outside London and the photos from here were definitely taken last Summer.

  3. I think the Target one shown was painted because it is next to Chicago airport…I’ve seen the same thing coming into Heathrow on a few buildings.

    The photos do appear to be changing on google maps/google earth – my area has suddenly got a lot clearer than when it was first out. So clear I can see how badly I have parked. I really need to improve that ;o)

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