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Google confirm they ARE working on an OS

…although it’s merely a rebadge, redistro’ of the otherwise excellent Ubuntu.

The Register have the full story, which includes the made-I-laugh line:

It’s possible that it’s just one of the toys Googleplex engineers play with on Fridays, when they get time off from buffing the search engine code or filtering out entries about Tiananmen Square.

(italics mine)

It’s not been confirmed they are getting this ready for public release, it could be just for internal use — but then why would they go to all that trouble? Esp when Ubuntu is a consumer- rather than developer-focused distro.

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  1. Personally I think they will make an attempt to make a high quality slick UI – thats one of the core missing points of Ubuntu, great as a desktop for work (I use it) but its not great for some, they miss the slickness of the Windows desktop…. Create a Mac type layer to Ubuntu and you’ll have something special.

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